Video Co-watching services

Updated: July 31, 2023

Video co-watching is a social activity that allows individuals to watch videos simultaneously with friends or other users, regardless of their physical locations. This collaborative experience is facilitated by online platforms and applications that enable participants to synchronize their video playback, so they can watch and discuss content together in real-time. Video co-watching platforms often include chat or messaging features, allowing users to interact and share their reactions, comments, and thoughts while watching the video. This interactive and immersive experience fosters social connections, enables shared entertainment, and brings a sense of togetherness even when physically apart. Video co-watching has gained popularity as a fun and engaging way to connect with others, enjoy content collectively, and strengthen virtual bonds through shared experiences.

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2019. Facebook Messenger to get desktop apps, video co-watching

Facebook has made an announcement regarding Messenger Desktop, which is a streamlined version of Messenger specifically designed for chat, audio, and video calls. This new version is set to be launched later this year and aims to eliminate the need for users to manage and resize multiple browser tabs. Instead, it provides an always-accessible Messenger interface that can serve as a replacement for unofficial alternatives. With a particular focus on businesses, providing a dedicated desktop interface for Messenger could encourage them to invest more in lead generation and customer service through the platform. Additionally, Messenger is introducing a feature similar to Facebook Watch Party, enabling users to select videos to watch simultaneously with friends. Reaction cams capturing their expressions will be displayed below the video. This feature is currently being tested and is expected to be rolled out later this year, allowing users to choose any Facebook video, invite one or multiple friends, and enjoy a shared viewing experience.

2012. Google replaces GMail Video chat with Google Hangouts

Google should have long ago integrated its various chat, voice, and video services and applications. Finally, they have taken a simple yet effective step by replacing GMail's video chat with Google Hangouts. Both services utilize the same browser plug-in and authorization system. However, Hangouts offers a plethora of additional features, including free videoconferencing for up to 10 participants, screen-sharing, whiteboarding, collaborative editing of Google Docs, simultaneous co-watching of YouTube videos, webinars, and more. There is even a catalog of third-party apps that are compatible with Hangouts. Furthermore, Hangouts allows video calls not only to contacts within GMail but also to those on Google+, and it is available not only on browsers but also on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Google plans to roll out this new feature over a two-week period.