Threat Detection platforms

Updated: February 22, 2023

2023. Gem Security wants to secure your cloud infrastructure, raises $11M

Gem Security, the Israeli-based startup that is building a cloud threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) platform, is coming out of stealth today and announced an $11 million seed funding round. With support for all of the major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes, Gem Security promises to provide security teams with a single streamlined tool to discover all their cloud assets and the real-time threat detection and contextualized alerts to ensure that they remain secure, in part by automating a large part of a company’s cloud security operations.

2021. Expel raises $140.3M for its managed threat detection and response platform

Cybersecurity platform Expel, which specializes in threat detection and response, today announced that it has raised a $140.3 million Series E. Expel offers what is essentially a managed security service for cloud applications, infrastructure, networks and endpoints, with its own analysts monitoring a company’s network 24×7 (and performing remediation if necessary), as well as a preemptive threat hunting service for on-premises and cloud environments. By building what the company calls an “automation-forward” system, its systems are able to quickly react to potential issues.

2021. SOC Prime lands $11M to become ‘Spotify for cyber threats’

SOC Prime, a startup that claims to have built the world’s largest threat detection marketplace, has secured $11 million in Series A funding. SOC Prime describes its Detection as Code platform as like “Spotify for cyber threats.” This curates threat detection content from nearly 400 researchers and allows you to pull it into your existing SIEM and XDR platforms. Currently, the platform is home to more than 130,000 detections aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a curated knowledge base of known adversary threats, tactics and techniques.

2020. Security decoy startup CounterCraft closes $5M Series A

Spain-based CounterCraft, which builds b2b tools for gathering counterintelligence on evolving security threats, has closed a $5M Series A. CounterCraft’s core product is what it bills as a “Threat Deception platform” — supporting its customers’ security function by contributing to three areas: threat detection, intelligence and response; and by using deceptive techniques as a lure to gather better intelligence on threats and attackers for a smarter response. The platform offers a set of common use cases that can be automatically deployed without further configuration — including ‘Remote Worker Protection’; Pre-Breach Activity; Sphere Phishing Response; and Lateral Movement — with the three strands of ‘detection, intelligence and response’ covered for all use cases.