Task Management software for Mac

2019. Microsoft brought its To-Do app to Mac

Microsoft is bringing its To-Do app to the Mac. It will support most of the core features right away, including the ability to create and manage tasks, work offline, share lists, utilize tags and more. It also will integrate with Microsoft Outlook to pull in your “Flagged” email list and will support integration with Planner soon, allowing you to see any items assigned to you. The Mac version also takes advantage of its new platform to offer a handful of keyboard shortcuts, like ⌘2 to minimize the app so it only displays the list view, and ⌘1 to return to viewing all your lists. You can click on a task’s text to edit it directly from the list view, as well.

2014. Todoist became one of the best task managers

Task management and collaboration services appeared long long time ago. And it would seem, that those services that appeared first could polish their design and functionality during many years and monopolize the market. After all task management is quite simple process? But in fact we see that almost every year, new task managers rise to the top of success. Probably, after attracting millions of users, such services begin to grow functionality (under users pressure) and loosing original beauty and simplicity. And here come the new simple and beautiful services that attract users. At this point, perhaps the most fashionable and popular task-manager is Todoist. For the last couple of years it had a great success as a personal organizer and recently added the ability to collaborate on tasks.

2011. 42tasks - simple but ultimate task-manager

We couldn't get over the service 42tasks, mainly because of its title. Because the 42 - is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. In our dimension 42tasks - is a simple and convenient service for managing tasks. You can create your own task lists and add shared projects where it's possible to create tasks for your co-workers. Each task contains a reminder and simple comments. And most important, the 42task developers are intended to make this service cross-platform. We have already talked about the new meaning of the word "cross-platform" in relation to another similar service Producteev. 42tasks has the similar strategy. It already works on iPhone and in the near future will provide apps for Android, Mac, Windows. And of course, Email platforms support will be very important.

2010. Producteev - really cross-platform task-manager

Formerly we called software "cross-platform" if it worked on Windows, Mac and Linux. Then it was thought that all Web services are cross-platform as they work in browser. But today the word "cross-platform" has a new meaning. Virtually all popular applications and Web services have become platforms themselves: Facebook, GMail, iPhone, Sharepoint ... For the modern business application Facebook or Outlook app is as important as Windows client. The task collaboration service Producteev want to use this shift. In addition to "traditional" web interface, it allows you to work with tasks in email, instant messengers, mobile devices and social networks (i.e. in those places where you mostly spend time).