Staff Relocation services

Updated: July 30, 2023

Staff relocation services are specialized solutions offered to businesses and organizations to facilitate the seamless and efficient transfer of employees to new locations for work-related purposes. These services cover a wide range of support, including planning, logistics, and coordination of the entire relocation process. Staff relocation service providers assist in handling visa and immigration requirements, finding suitable housing options, and arranging transportation for employees and their families. Additionally, these services often include orientation and cultural training to help employees adapt to their new environment. By outsourcing staff relocation to professional service providers, businesses can ensure a smooth transition for their employees, minimizing disruptions to work productivity and allowing staff to focus on their roles with peace of mind. Overall, staff relocation services play a pivotal role in supporting a successful and positive experience for both employees and employers during the relocation process.

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2022. Jobbatical raises €11.6M as worker migration goes paperless

Jobbatical, a company specializing in relocating workers, has secured €11.6 million in funding. The post-pandemic work landscape has witnessed a surge in the number of "digital nomads," and Jobbatical has capitalized on this trend. Founded by Estonian entrepreneurs Karoli and Ronald Hindriks, along with Ankur Agarwal, Jobbatical initially focused on recruitment but later shifted its focus to streamlining employee relocation and immigration processes. Today, Jobbatical assists high-growth tech and fintech companies like N26, TravelPerk, and Personio in managing employee relocations. As the demand for remote work and international mobility continues to grow, Jobbatical plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless transitions for workers across borders.

2022. Localyze, a SaaS for staff relocation, gets $35M

Hamburg-based startup Localyze is preparing to expand into North America in the upcoming months, fueled by a recent Series B funding round that raised $35 million. Despite being founded in 2018, this Y Combinator-backed company has rapidly gained recognition for its B2B SaaS platform catering to employers in need of immigration and relocation logistics support. Localyze provides administrative automation, digital case management tools, and human support to alleviate the challenges associated with hiring international talent and managing cross-border staff movements.