Spreadsheets for business

2021. Causal raises $4.2M to kill Excel with a better number-crunching app

Excel and Google Sheets can only address pure “number crunching” in a limited way. A new U.K. startup, Causal, hopes to tackle this issue and has now raised a $4.2 million seed round. Despite the fact that spreadsheets are crucial to normal business operations, there are multiple use cases for sales teams, finances teams, etc., all of which are very different. Causal hopes to address these with a more data-driven, collaborative approach. It provides Excel-like interface that we’re all familiar with, and supercharges it with data integrations, collaboration features, and high-quality visualizations. Beyond that, it leverages data science and mathematics backgrounds to offer sophisticated models out of the box, giving all users the ability to harness much more powerful predictive capabilities.

2018. Mobile Zoho Sheet adds real-time spreadsheet collaboration

Zoho unveiled new Zoho Sheet app for iOS and Android, that allows you to carry your spreadsheets with ease and collaborate in real time with your team, using your mobile devices. You can share your spreadsheets as Microsoft Excel, .pdf or .csv files too. Besides, the new version allows to create large data sets and sort and filter your data for an uncluttered view. Then you can bring your data alive with our vibrant range of charts. View them in full screen, choose to filter out series and analyze your charts with at most comfort and accuracy. Additionally, observe data patterns and trends with conditional formats and icon sets, on your smartphones.

2018. How to open, view and edit Excel spreadsheet online

So, somebody sent you an Excel document and you don’t have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Or another common case: you have Excel 2003 but somebody sent you a document in the xlsx format, which can only be opened in Excel 2007 or newer.

2008. SocialText wiki platform gets collaborative spreadsheets

Corporate Wiki software company SocialText is adding a spreadsheet to its wiki product. The new feature, SocialCalc, allows users to collaborate on spreadsheets the same way they do in the company's text-based Wikis. The product is based on Dan Bricklin's open-source Wikicalc. For spreadsheet jockeys this is both good and bad news. SocialCalc spreadsheets inherit wiki-style revision tracking, which is an automatic audit trail that will arguably be even more important on spreadsheets with financial and other hard data on them than it is on text-based wiki pages. Users can also easily embed data from other SocialCalc sheets in their spreadsheets, or for that matter data from any SocialText wiki page or Web URL. This could make building workgroup-wide, or even company-wide spreadsheets possible. Assuming, that is, everyone in said workgroup or company is comfortable using SocialCalc instead of Excel.

2006. Google Spreadsheets Goes Live

Google just posted a tour of Google Spreadsheets, their new Excel rival. They’re also inviting users to test the service on a first-come-first-served basis. It looks blissfully simple, and includes live chat, multi-user editing and import/export functionality. In short: an impressive product. This is probably a mixed blessing for the online spreadsheet startups - while no-one wants to compete with Google, this move will likely lead to some acquisitions. Among the contenders: Numbler, JotSpot Tracker, NumSum, DabbleDB, TracksLife, ZohoSheet, EditGrid, WikiCalc and iRows. JotSpot is the hot-ticket here - between (unfounded?) acquisition rumors and a partnership with Salesforce, they’re getting a lot of ink.