Smart Calendars for Business

Updated: May 04, 2021

2021. Zoho unveiled new and improved Zoho Calendar

Zoho has unveiled the all-new Zoho Calendar with a completely overhauled interface and new features. It is a unified calendar that will make scheduling easy for you across all Zoho apps. The features like the Smart Add and App calendars, are brought into a clean, more intuitive interface to help your teams manage your schedules more easily. Besides adding a completely fresh look, the new interface offers modern display themes and a dark mode for the night owl in you. The new features include secondary time zone, advanced event search and resource booking, which gives you an overview of all the conference rooms in your office along with the resources and facilities in each room..

2019. The Google Assistant can now finally manage your G Suite Calendar

New Google Assistant feature now can help you manage your work calendar in G Suite. You’ll be able to sign in with your G Suite account and ask the Assistant for information about your work day. This integration should work across all Google Assistant surfaces, including the car and Assistant displays like the Google Home Hub. Right now, this feature mostly focuses on asking for calendar events, though. As far as we can tell, you won’t be able to create an event through the Assistant just yet. Google does note, though, that you can use this feature to, for example, ask about an upcoming event and then send an email to the other attendees. What’s interesting here is that so far, Google has never positioned the Assistant as a productivity tool in the workplace. Names like “Google Home” and “Home Hub” pretty much make that clear. Sometimes, though, work and home life overlap and at its core, the same technology that allows you to turn on your kitchen lights with your voice could also be used to pull interesting data out of a spreadsheet.