SIEM software

Updated: August 03, 2023

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software is a critical tool that helps organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture by providing real-time monitoring, analysis, and response to security events and threats. These specialized platforms collect and correlate data from various sources, such as log files, network devices, and security appliances, to detect and alert on suspicious activities and potential security breaches. SIEM software uses advanced analytics and machine learning to identify patterns and anomalies in the data, enabling security teams to respond promptly to emerging threats. With features like automated incident response and centralized log management, SIEM software streamlines security operations, improves incident detection and investigation, and facilitates compliance with industry regulations. By leveraging SIEM software, organizations can proactively protect their IT infrastructure, sensitive data, and critical assets, ensuring a robust defense against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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2021. Market demand for cybersecurity products helps Devo raise $250M

Devo, a startup with a strong emphasis on log management and cybersecurity, has recently announced the successful closure of a $250 million funding round. Positioned as a provider of "cloud-native logging and security analytics" in corporate terminology, Devo has developed a service that consolidates customers' log files into a centralized repository, enabling efficient storage of up to 400 days' worth of data. Leveraging this resource, the company offers two distinct products. The first focuses on cybersecurity, utilizing the stored log files to enhance security analytics. The second product concentrates on IT support, utilizing the same log files to provide comprehensive assistance in IT-related matters.

2021. Blumira raises $10.3M to bring cloud-based SIEM to mid-market companies

Cybersecurity firm Blumira has successfully raised $10.3 million in a Series A financing round. Established in 2018, the company aims to offer enterprise-level security solutions to medium-sized businesses through user-friendly, cloud-based services. Blumira's solution disrupts the conventional security information and event management (SIEM) market by providing a robust set of tools specifically tailored for mid-market companies at a relatively more affordable price. Blumira claims that its product can be deployed swiftly, granting these companies the same level of security and threat monitoring capabilities as those utilized by large corporations.