Shift Scheduling software

Updated: January 21, 2022

2022. StaffAny gets $3.4M to simplify shift management

Singapore-based StaffAny, a management platform for SMEs with shift workers, has raised a $3.4 million Series A. Before onboarding to the platform, a lot of StaffAny’s clients, which are primarily in the F&B or retail sectors, were using spreadsheets, punch cards or apps that do not sync rosters, pay slips and leave management the way StaffAny does. The software also provides both management and workers with the ability to communicate in real time.

2020. Zira raises $3.1M for its shift-scheduling service that helps manage hourly workers

Zira, the startup provides software that helps businesses schedule their hourly workforce, raised $3.1 million in a seed round. Zira can automatically set team schedules, taking a task that can be rife with favoritism or bias and making it a bit more standardized. Its service can also handle clocking in and out for workers, and provides a chat feature to help groups of workers stay in sync. And most interesting of all, Zira’s platform has an automation feature, allowing managers to create triggers to replace missing staff for a shift, or provide rewards to the workers who come top in a category, like attendance.