Security Compliance platforms

Updated: August 31, 2023

Security Compliance platforms are essential tools that help businesses ensure that their IT infrastructure, systems, and processes align with industry-specific regulations and security standards. These specialized platforms provide comprehensive compliance management features, including risk assessment, policy enforcement, and auditing capabilities. Security Compliance platforms enable businesses to track and manage compliance requirements, automate compliance checks, and generate reports for regulatory authorities and stakeholders. By leveraging these platforms, organizations can proactively identify and address compliance gaps, reduce the risk of security breaches and data breaches, and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and customer data. Security Compliance platforms play a crucial role in maintaining trust with customers, partners, and regulators by ensuring that businesses operate in accordance with the highest security and privacy standards, fostering a strong cybersecurity posture and regulatory compliance culture within the organization.

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2023. Hyperproof, a compliance and risk management startup, raises $40M

Hyperproof, a SaaS company specializing in risk and compliance management, has secured $40 million in funding. The corporate sector is increasingly intrigued by compliance offered as a service, mainly due to the emergence of new regulations, particularly those concerning data privacy. Hyperproof offers a comprehensive solution that combines a compliance data repository with a collaborative work management system. The company's objective is to streamline the execution of "non-strategic" compliance responsibilities related to approximately 85 compliance and governance frameworks. These frameworks include FedRAMP, the U.S. federal government's comprehensive compliance initiative for cloud services and products. Alongside adaptable controls for each framework, Hyperproof provides a range of software modules tailored to various risk and compliance management tasks. These include a risk management module, enabling centralized risk monitoring, and a compliance operations module, empowering team members to automate evidence collection (such as documenting compliance processes and outcomes) and identifying issues that require mitigation.

2021. Drata raises $25M to expand its security compliance platform

Security compliance encompasses three key attributes: it tends to be exceedingly tedious, time-consuming, and indispensably essential for conducting business in the modern era. While compliance remains an ongoing requirement, startups such as Drata are alleviating some of the burden associated with it. Drata offers assistance to companies in expediting their SOC 2 compliance through the utilization of automation. SOC 2 certification validates a company's ability to securely store customer data in the cloud. However, the process is widely acknowledged as intricate and can extend over several months to complete. Furthermore, this arduous task must be repeated annually, imposing a significant burden, particularly on startups and smaller organizations.

2021. Secureframe raises $18M to simplify cybersecurity compliance

Secureframe, a startup specializing in security compliance, has successfully raised $18 million in Series A funding. The company offers assistance to businesses seeking to obtain two essential cybersecurity certifications, SOC 2 and ISO 27001, which are often necessary for conducting business with many companies. Secureframe's compliance platform seamlessly integrates with numerous popular cloud providers and applications, enabling a comprehensive assessment of its customers' security posture. One of the significant advantages of using Secureframe is its ability to expedite the certification process, allowing companies to achieve compliance within weeks instead of months.