Security as a service

Updated: March 10, 2021

2021. Aqua Security raises $135M for its cloud native security platform

Aqua Security, a security startup that focuses squarely on securing cloud-native services, has raised a $135 million Series E funding round at a $1 billion valuation. The company was one of the earliest to focus on securing container deployments. And while many of its competitors were acquired over the years, Aqua remains independent and is now likely on a path to an IPO. When it launched, the industry focus was still very much on Docker and Docker containers. To the detriment of Docker, that quickly shifted to Kubernetes, which is now the de facto standard. But enterprises are also now looking at serverless and other new technologies on top of this new stack.

2020. Cyberpion raises $8.25M to help businesses secure assets beyond their firewall

Cyberpion, a security startup, aiming to help enterprises identify and neutralize risks that typically stem from connections to their infrastructure assets, has raised an $8.25 million seed round. The service analyzes a company’s security stance with regard to hacker attacks by looking at the connections it makes across the public infrastructure of the internet — and with that it can look at how a company connects to one vendor, but also how they are connected to others, as well. With that, Cyberpion is able to discover the inventory of known and unknown assets a company has across its ecosystem and can continuously scan for security vulnerabilities and, of course, provide alerts and recommendations for how to remedy these issues.

2020. Security as a service provider Expel lands $50M

Expel, a four-year-old startup that offers security operations as a service, announced a $50 million Series D. The idea behind Expel is to give customers a set of tools to help use automation to reduce the number of people required to keep an organization safe. Most companies struggle to find experienced security employees, so it’s using automation to solve a real pain point for them.