Secure Cloud File Storage services

2018. Egnyte releases one-step GDPR compliance solution

Egnyte announced a new feature to help customers comply with GDPR privacy regulations that went into effect in Europe last week. Users can just turn on “Identify sensitive content” feature and select which sets of rules you want to check for compliance including GDPR. Once they do this, the system goes and scans all of your repositories to find content deemed sensitive under GDPR rules. The service will return a list of files and marks them with a risk factor from 1-9 with one being the lowest level of risk and 9 being the highest. You can configure the program to expose whichever files you wish based on your own level of compliance tolerance.

2008. DivShare Security Scare - More Trouble in Online Storage Space

DivShare, an online service for storing and sharing video, photos, music and documents, has had a security breach. The company announced on its blog tonight that "a malicious user" had accessed its database, "which included user e-mail addresses and other basic profile information." The startup states that "no financial information has been accessed by any unauthorized parties." After the Omnidrive troubles, it's yet another reminder that storing your files on a startup's servers is risky business. DivShare has been in the news before for dubious reasons. In November it put itself up for sale on a domain name selling forum. While it's good that DivShare has been open about the security breach and they appear to have taken swift measures in fixing it, unfortunately it raises more concerns about startups which offer online storage. When it comes to any personal data online, as a user you want to be absolutely certain that it is both secure and going to be available in future - no matter what.