Sales Collaboration software

2021. Momentum announces $5M seed to automate sales tasks in Slack

Momentum, an early-stage startup, that wants to build on that relationship by being the automated collaboration layer between sales and the rest of the organization, has raised $5 million seed round. Salespeople need to connect not only to Slack and Salesforce — they need to connect with tools like Google Calendar, Asana and Jira, and automate follow-ups from a single place. Momentum allows those people to streamline that process. Instead of going into Jira and knowing [how to] file a ticket for my security team, I just go to Momentum and raise my hand and I say ‘I need a security review,’ and Momentum has codified the process of finding where to go, creating the ticket, sharing all the context about the deal in that ticket for the rep, and the rep doesn’t have to do anything at that point

2015. Zoho CRM is now free for 10 users

In order to celebrate 10 years from the launch of Zoho CRM and double-down its commitment to small businesses, Zoho announced free Zoho CRM for up to 10 users. Of course they continue offering other editions, including Zoho CRMPlus, for those whose business needs have evolved. The Free10 plan includes leads, accounts, contacts, sales opportunities, web forms; workflow rule to automate sales follow-ups; documents module to share sales collateral with team; user permissions through roles and profiles. You can seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM with other Zoho business apps, like Campaigns, Support, SalesIQ, Survey, Projects, Reports, Google Apps and other third-party services.