Top 10: Sales Analytics software

Updated: November 13, 2022

Some of the most popular sales analytics software options are listed below.

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2022. Falkon closes $16M round to automate sales workflows and analyses

Falkon, a sales analytics platform that uses AI to attempt to show where successful product sales are occuring in an organization, today announced that it raised $16 million. Falkon’s platform tries to unify a company’s go-to-market data (e.g. product usage metrics, customer relationship management and sales enablement data and web traffic), de-duplicating the info and generating “data-driven” recommendations for sales and marketing teams — specifically sales development representatives, account executives and account managers. Falkon can uncover “stuck” sales pipelines and find new opportunities, through algorithms and a collection of apps that can be used together or individually.

2021. Affinity, a relationship intelligence company, raises $80M to help close deals

Affinity that applies machine learning analysis and provide insights on who in the organization has the best chance of getting that initial meeting and closing the deal, has raised $80 million Series C. Affinity says it created “a new breed of CRM” that automates the inputting of that data constantly and adds information, like revenue, staff size and funding from proprietary data sources, to assign a score to a potential opportunity and increase the chances of closing a deal. Affinity is focused on industries like investment banking, private equity, venture capital, consulting and real estate, where there aren’t customer relationship management systems or networking platforms that cater to the specific needs of the long-term relationship.

2021. Data-driven sales management software Atrium raised $13.5M

There’s no shortage of data-driven sales management tools in the market. Naturally, startup Atrium says it does a far better job of empowering sales managers to improve their team’s performance. How? By giving them easy, digestible, real-time insights into who on their team is outperforming, who is on track to reach his or her goals and who is losing momentum and in what areas so that potential issues don’t spiral into major problems. Atrium says it provides automated root-cause analytics via anomaly detection with additional filters to uncover why someone’s performance may be peaking or dipping. Consider: If someone is doing particularly well, other team members might want to emulate the behaviors that are fueling that success.