Real-time presentation software

2018. Skype and PowerPoint got real-time subtitles

PowerPoint and Skype are getting real-time captions and subtitles in 2019. The new feature allows those who are deaf or hard of hearing to read the words that are spoken during presentations in PowerPoint or video calls in Skype.  The subtitles also allow speakers to include a translation of a presentation. Live captions and subtitles will support 12 spoken languages and display on-screen in more than 60 different languages. Presenters will be able to customize the appearance of subtitles to match a presentation, and the speech recognition should adapt for more accurate terminology based on context. In Skype subtitles will be available in one-to-one video-calls. Once turned on, they will auto-scroll during the call, but Microsoft says it’s working to offer other viewing options in the future. Specifically, Skype will soon allow you to scroll through the captions in a side window.

2018. Google Slides gets real-time automated captions

Google is adding an interesting new feature to its Slides presentation tool that allows you to enable real-time automated captions to your live presentations. That’s a great feature for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, as well as those who understand better when they can read instead of listen. The feature is now rolling out to all Slides users who use U.S. English as their default language and Chrome as their browser. Over time, Google plans to enable this feature for other languages, too. To turn on this feature you simply press the new “CC” button on the Slides navigation box and then use your computer’s microphone like always.

2018. Salesforce unveiled Microsoft PowerPoint competitor

Microsoft's  PowerPoint has some new competition from a familiar rival: Salesforce. Salesforce's Quip business, which already offers tools for word processing and working on spreadsheets, introduced Quip Slides. Quip was acquired by Salesforce in 2016. A lot of the features in Quip Slides will be familiar to anyone who has used Office 365 or G Suite to create presentations that can be viewed and edited by a team of colleagues, such as chat, commenting, and questions. But thanks to its corporate parent, Quip Slides can surface Salesforce data directly within a presentation that updates automatically as the underlying data changes. Besides, it allows to conduct interactive presentation when viewers can ask questions online. Slides will be available for $10 per-user per-month or $25 per-user per-month for Enterprise license.

2015. Zoho Show viewer is available for Android and iOS Devices

Zoho introduced mobile slideshow viewer for its presentation app Zoho Show for Android and iOS devices. As a Zoho Show user, you can now carry your presentation on any device you choose – be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. The Sideshow Viewer lets you use a slide pen to mark or highlight content on any relevant slide. The highlighted content is reflected in real time on the screen displayed to the audience. This makes life easy for presenters who often struggle with pocket lasers to point out key takeaways. Additionally, you can also blacken slides to get your audience to focus on your narrative  while presenting. With the slide blackened, the audience’s attention is completely on the presenter and your talk rather than on the content or visuals displayed on the slide. This feature works best when you wish to refocus the audience attention on you or address audience questions.

2013. Real-time co-authoring in PowerPoint Online. Office Web Apps on Android tablets

Last week Microsoft representative said this: "When we launched the Office Web Apps in 2010, they were companions to the Office desktop experience that enabled lightweight, on-the-go content creation and review. Since then, we've made a number of investments in Office Web Apps to make it easier for people to work together, author documents and access Office content from virtually any device. Our goal is to deliver Office Web Apps that people can rely on to create polished Office documents from start to finish, all from the Web. Moreover in 10 years we plan to discontinue the sales of the desktop office and move all users to the online office." This announcement was complemented by two new features: real-time collaborative editing in PowerPoint Online (watch the video above) and support for Chrome browser on Android tablets.