Top 10: Project Management software for Small Business

Updated: July 31, 2023

Project management software for small businesses is designed to help streamline and organize various aspects of project planning, execution, and collaboration. These software solutions offer user-friendly interfaces and customizable features tailored to the needs of smaller teams and projects. They often include tools for task management, scheduling, file sharing, and communication, allowing team members to stay aligned and work efficiently. Many project management software for small businesses also offer budget tracking, time tracking, and reporting features, enabling businesses to monitor project progress and costs. With affordable pricing and scalability options, project management software for small businesses provides a cost-effective solution to enhance project management capabilities, boost team productivity, and successfully deliver projects on time and within budget. Some of the most popular project management software for small business are listed below.

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2018. Trello gets a newsfeed and improved notifications

The project management service Trello, which is owned by Atlassian, is undergoing a makeover. Trello is renowned for its cards and boards, but this simplicity often led power users to sift through numerous boards to determine their next focus. To address this, Trello is introducing a personalized newsfeed that will showcase activity from your Trello teams. The newsfeed will include sections like "Up Next" and "Highlights," providing a comprehensive overview of the ongoing developments within your projects. Furthermore, Trello is introducing enhanced notifications. Users will now have the ability to modify due dates and disable notifications for specific cards directly from the notifications interface. Additionally, users can mark alerts as "read" or "unread" to manage their notification status effectively.