Product Management software

Updated: April 16, 2022

2022. Product analytics startup Kubit lands $18M

Showing that the product analytics industry is alive and well, Kubit today announced that it raised $18 million in a Series A. As a refresher, product analytics is the process of analyzing how users engage with a product — whether an app, website or subscription service — to allow companies to track and analyze user engagement data. The idea is to use the data to improve and optimize the product, and identify bugs as they crop up in the deployment process.

2020. UserLeap raises $16M to bring better qualitative data to Product managers

Product managers can only be successful if they can make effective use of both quantitative and qualitative data. But mapping the former to the latter, and collecting high-quality data, is a huge challenge to organizations looking to rapidly productize and innovate. UserLeap thinks it has found a better way and it has closed $16 million Series A. UserLeap offers product teams the ability to put a short line of code into their product that then delivers contextual micro-surveys to users right within the product. The company says that these micro-surveys usually see a 20% to 30% response rate, and sometimes that even pops all the way to 90%. Plus, the UserLeap dashboard processes the natural language from respondents and organizes the data. For example, if one user references price and another references cost, those responses are grouped together.

2020. Avo raises $3M for its analytics governance platform

Avo, a startup that helps businesses better manage their data quality across teams, has raised a $3 million seed round. Avo gives developers, data scientists and product managers a shared workspace to develop and optimize their data pipelines. Good product analytics is the product of collaboration between these cross-functional groups of stakeholders, and the goal of Avo is to give these groups a platform for their analytics planning and governance — and to set company-wide standards for how they create their analytics events.