Online PLM software

Updated: April 17, 2021

2021. Autodesk acquires Upchain

Autodesk, the company best known for its CAD and 3D modeling tools, has acquired Upchain, a startup that offers a cloud-based product life cycle management (PLM) service. The central idea behind the service was that existing life cycle management solutions, which are meant to help businesses take new products from inception to production and collaborate with their supply chain in the process, were cumbersome and geared toward large multi-national enterprises. Upchain’s focus is on small and mid-sized companies and promises to be more affordable and usable than other solutions. Its customer base spans a wide range of industries, ranging from textiles and apparel to automotive, aerospace, industrial machines, transportation and entertainment.

2013. Dexma - SaaS service for engineering design

Engineers - are smart people and they invent innovations themselves. But, for some reason, SaaS services for collaborative design haven't become the mainstream among them yet. But imagine what innovative products could be created, if the best minds from around the world (but not just teams hired in local project offices) could work together. In early 2012, the market leader, Autodesk launched the SaaS service for engineers Autodesk 360. And now they'll get a serious competitor with Dexma - the service of Russian company Ascon (which is known for its engeneering system KOMPAS). The service allows you to collaborate on projects - distribute tasks, share files and documents, form the product component-lists and the lists of required materials, calculate costs. And right in the browser engineers can view CAD-files - 3D models.