Top 10: Passwordless Authentication platforms

Updated: October 20, 2023

Passwordless authentication platforms offer a modern and secure approach to user identity verification by eliminating the need for traditional password-based login methods. Leveraging innovative technologies such as biometrics, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication, these platforms enhance user experience and reduce the risk of data breaches. Users can effortlessly access their accounts through methods like fingerprint or facial recognition, mobile authentication apps, or hardware tokens, eliminating the need to remember complex passwords. This not only simplifies the login process but also enhances security by reducing the vulnerabilities associated with traditional password systems, making passwordless authentication an increasingly popular choice for organizations striving to protect sensitive data and provide a frictionless user experience. Some of the most popular passwordless Authentication platforms are listed below.

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2023. Passwordless authentication startup SecureW2 raises $80M

Passwordless authentication provides numerous advantages compared to traditional methods such as pins, passphrases, and passcodes. This is particularly beneficial for platforms like SecureW2, which specialize in simplifying the deployment and maintenance of infrastructure for passwordless authentication. Recently, SecureW2 secured $80 million in funding. Their suite of passwordless technologies includes a tool for issuing certificates, which serve as digital replacements for passwords. These certificates are used to authorize access to Wi-Fi, ethernet, or VPN services for customers. SecureW2's platform ensures these certificates are accessible on a wide range of mobile and desktop operating systems. Additionally, it can integrate with cloud identity environments like Okta, enabling the extension of policy-based security throughout a company's infrastructure.

2021. Transmit Security raises $543M Series A to kill off the password

Transmit Security, a startup based in Boston, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing $543 million in Series A funding. The company's primary goal is to eliminate passwords, recognizing that password-based authentication poses inherent security risks that lead organizations to incur significant financial losses annually. Transmit Security has developed a biometric-based authentication solution that serves as the world's first native passwordless identity and risk management system. Notably, renowned brands such as Lowe's, Santander, and UBS have already adopted this innovative solution. With the capacity to handle over 9,000 authentication requests per second, the solution has proven to reduce account resets by 96% and customer authentication time from 1 minute to a mere 2 seconds, revolutionizing the authentication experience.