Password managers for iOS

2018. Zoho Vault adds Autofill Passwords and Siri Shortcuts

With the latest iOS 12 release, Zoho Vault users can now autofill usernames and passwords on Safari and other third-party apps. Users can enjoy a seamless login experience to their everyday apps without compromising security. You can also access passwords stored in Zoho vault using Siri Shortcuts by creating personalized phrases

2015. Password manager LastPass launches version for Mac

Password management service LastPass rolled out a new, native Mac application, which will offer users more native integration on OS X, while also introducing a number of new features, including instant logins, the ability to run security checks on your online accounts, and a fast search function. Apps like Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password and others are now often some of the first to get installed on users’ new computers or mobile devices, as consumers become increasingly aware of the threat hackers pose, even though, ironically, some of the most high-profile data breaches as of late, like those at Target, Staples and Home Depot, took place at stores’ point-of-sale, not online.

2014. Intel buys password manager PasswordBox

Intel is buying PasswordBox, a password management startup founded two years ago. PasswordBox not only offers secure logins and auto-generated passwords, but also a method of securing your digital legacy. Like a will, PasswordBox lets you transfer those assets to a family member or co-worker. The acquisition of PasswordBox brings together a few different themes: Intel’s ambition to move deeper into value-added services for enterprises; the rise of computer hacking in our increasingly networked world; and the bigger move to add more password protection services, exemplified also by the growth of standalone companies like Okta and Centrify as well as moves from larger companies like Microsoft to bundle ID management services into their cloud-based offerings.