Top 10: Organizational Chart software

Updated: November 17, 2022

Some of the most popular organizational chart software options are listed below.

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2021. ChartHop raises $35M for its internal org chart and people analytics platform

ChartHop that’s built a platform to visualize people analytics is announcing $35M Series B. ChartHop came out of stealth in early 2020 (another org chart startup, The Org, launched, too) to manage retention strategy, employee satisfaction, turnover statistics, diversity statistics, predictive visualizations on finances if one area was compensated differently, or if hiring were frozen, etc. The ChartHop platform is built like all strong structures these days in the world of tech: tons of integrations to feed data into ChartHop to make it richer; tons of integrations also to export and use that data in more dedicated applications when needed; and an easy way for everyone to update data but also put in place easy and strong protections to keep confidential data as it should be.

2020. ChartHop grabs $5M to automate the org chart

ChartHop, a startup that aims to modernize and automate the organizational chart, has raised $5 million seed funding. The way it works is that out of the box it connects to 15 or 20 standard types of company systems like BambooHR, Carta, ADP and Workday, and based on this information it can build an organizational chart. The company can then slice and dice the data by department, open recs, gender, salary, geography and so forth. There is also a detailed reporting component that gives companies insight into the current makeup and future state of the organization.