Top 10: Organizational Chart software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Organizational Chart software is a valuable tool that helps businesses create, manage, and visualize the hierarchical structure and reporting relationships within an organization. These specialized platforms offer intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, making it easy to design and customize organizational charts to fit the unique needs of the organization. Organizational Chart software enables HR professionals and managers to track employee roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines, providing a clear overview of the organizational hierarchy. With features like real-time updates and collaboration capabilities, these platforms facilitate seamless communication and ensure that the organizational chart remains up-to-date as the organization grows and evolves. Organizational Chart software is particularly beneficial during reorganizations or workforce planning, as it allows stakeholders to visualize the impact of structural changes on the organization. By leveraging Organizational Chart software, businesses can enhance communication, promote transparency, and maintain an accurate representation of their organizational structure, contributing to more effective decision-making and a well-organized workforce. Some of the most popular organizational chart software options are listed below.

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2021. ChartHop raises $35M for its internal org chart and people analytics platform

ChartHop, a platform dedicated to visualizing people analytics, has announced a successful $35 million Series B funding round. ChartHop emerged from stealth mode in early 2020, coinciding with the launch of another organizational chart startup called The Org. ChartHop's platform aims to address various aspects of workforce management, including retention strategy, employee satisfaction, turnover statistics, diversity metrics, and predictive visualizations related to financial scenarios such as differential compensation or hiring freezes. To create a robust foundation, ChartHop leverages extensive integrations, allowing seamless data input to enhance its analytics capabilities. Similarly, it offers integrations that enable the export and utilization of data within more specialized applications when necessary. The platform also provides a user-friendly interface for data updates, while implementing robust security measures to safeguard confidential information as required.

2020. ChartHop grabs $5M to automate the org chart

ChartHop, a startup focused on modernizing and automating organizational charts, has secured $5 million in seed funding. The platform seamlessly integrates with around 15 to 20 commonly used company systems such as BambooHR, Carta, ADP, and Workday. By leveraging data from these systems, ChartHop constructs an organizational chart. Furthermore, it offers the capability to analyze the data across various dimensions like departments, job openings, gender, salary, geography, and more. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive reporting features, enabling companies to gain insights into the present composition and future prospects of their organization.