Online Shop Building platforms

2019. Zoho Commerce Plus - the operating system for your commerce business

Zoho introduced Zoho Commerce Plus - an integrated platform that has everything you will need to build, promote, manage, and grow your e-commerce business. It allows to build a professional online store without needing to write a single line of code. Create your own branded customer experience with Zoho’s drag-and-drop store builder, which comes pre-equipped with multiple customizable templates. Zoho Commerce Plus ensures that you always have the information you need to optimize your order fulfillment. Commerce Plus boasts a single interface for every order made on every channel, across multiple warehouses and shipping carriers. Target your promotions based on trends, location, customer behavior, source of traffic, and even local weather data. Commerce Plus’s advanced targeting tools can focus your marketing efforts down to the individual buyer.

2017. Shopify adds new shareable discount links

To help you make the most of the holiday shopping bonanza, Shopify added a simple new function that will help you reach out and pull those deal-hunters right into your store. Shareable Discount Links direct customers to your homepage and automatically apply a discount code to their cart. Shareable Discount Links eliminate the need to find or enter a code, and give you an enticing invitation that you can send to customers via email, Facebook, or other social media.

2017. Shopify introduced real-time visitors monitoring

Shopify now allows store owners to watch the activity taking place in online store, as it happens. With Live View, you can now keep track of how your store is performing in real-time right from the palm of your hand. You can track how many visitors are on your site right now and where in the world they are, watch visitors become customers and celebrate sales as they happen, monitor daily total visits, orders, and sales, keep a pulse on your purchase funnel as visitors add items to their carts, start the checkout process, and successfully make purchases, see how many pages are being viewed right now.

2017. Squarespace introduced Gift Cards for Online Stores

Squarespace introduced digital gift cards for Squarespace Online Stores, providing yet another way for merchants to drive sales and acquire new customers. In addition to increasing sales, selling gift cards can offer many other benefits for your business. They encourage customers to spend more. Even though gift cards are preloaded with a set amount, customers often spend more than the card’s value. They make last-minute shopping possible, build brand awareness and lower return rates. Digital gift cards can be purchased and redeemed just like any other product, making them a seamless addition to your store. This feature is available to all users on the Commerce Advanced plan in all countries and currencies supported by Squarespace Commerce.

2017. BigCommerce simplifies migration from other ecommerce platform, including WordPress

BigCommerce unveiled new tools to assist online retailers with the task of migrating data between ecommerce platforms. The suite of free Catalog Transfer Apps allows merchants currently selling on alternative ecommerce platforms to easily import critical product catalog assets and customer data to BigCommerce in a matter of minutes, reducing the cost and time associated with migrating. Built by BigCommerce’s in-house team of replatforming specialists, the Catalog Transfer Apps enable merchants to self-migrate data from their online store to BigCommerce, including up to 10,000 products/SKUs and 30 different types of data. For businesses with larger catalogs, BigCommerce also offers custom migration services.

2014. Squarespace 7 integrates with Getty Images and Google Apps for Work

Squarespace, the all-in-one publishing/commerce platform, that allows individuals and businesses to easily setup their own websites and online shops, announced the new version - Squarespace 7. It adds a number of new features and integrations, including a new image picker powered by Getty Images. This lets customers bring high-quality photographs to their sites; more than 50 million images are available, and Squarespace has negotiated a licensing rate of just $10 an image. Squarespace 7 also integrates with Google Apps for Work, which makes it easy for businesses to setup email accounts, schedule events and access file storage via Google Drive.