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Updated: March 08, 2019

2019. Google Docs gets an API for task automation

Google opened a new API for Google Docs that will allow developers to automate many of the tasks that users typically do manually in the company’s online office suite. The REST API was designed to help developers build workflow automation services for their users, build content management services and create documents in bulk. Using the API, developers can also set up processes that manipulate documents after the fact to update them, and the API also features the ability to insert, delete, move, merge and format text, insert inline images and work with lists, among other things.

2019. Google raises G Suite prices

Google announced that it is raising the price of its online office suite G Suite. The prices of G Suite Basic and G Suite Business editions will increase by $1 and $2 per user/month, respectively. The new pricing will go into effect on April 2; those on annual plans will pay the new price when their contract renews after that date. This is the first time Google has raised the price of its G Suite subscriptions. The company argues that it has added plenty of new services — like video conferencing with Hangouts Meet, team messaging with Hangouts Chat, increased storage quotas and other security and productivity tools and services — to the platform since it first launched its paid service with its core productivity tools back in 2006.

2017. ONLYOFFICE integrates with SharePoint

ONLYOFFICE, that competes with Microsoft Office and other alternatives, released an app for SharePoint. So from now companies running SharePoint Server can use the most complete online office suite in SharePoint web interface. ONLYOFFICE is an open-source solution, free for up to 20 users that can be deployed on your private network. It promises 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats and allows to collaboratively work on Word and Excel documents with a really complex formatting. Besides document editors it provides document management, email client, calendar, project management and community.

2017. Zoho offers free online office for 25 users

Zoho is the world champion in making SaaS services for small business. They created so many services that you can easily loose your mind looking through the list. To make it more simple and attractive, Zoho now offers a bundle of 9 most popular services under the title Zoho Workplace. It includes email Zoho Mail, text editor Zoho Writer, spreadsheets Zoho Sheet, presentations Zoho Show (with audience engagement tool Zoho Showtime), cloud storage Zoho Docs, intranet messenger Zoho Chat, site builder Zoho Sites, internal social network Zoho Connect. And the most exciting is that all this if free for 25 users. Moreover, if you invite other companies to the service you can get 25 more free users. It's a great offer while the competitors (Office 365 and G Suite) don't provide free version at all.

2014. Office 365 gets some social-intelligence features

Microsoft today unveiled major update to its online office suite Office 365, adding some new social tools with a smell of artificial intelligence. First, the office is now watching you: with whom you communicate via email, chat and voice communications (via Lync), to whom you share documents. And basing on this data it creates for you "groups" (like in the picture above . Then these groups appear in Outlook and Yammer social network and you'll be able to intelligently filter mail and discussions by group/topic. Another intelligent page is now showing the documents that Artificial Intelligence Office considers most relevant to you #rightnow. So if you come to work sleepy and it's difficult for you to understand what you are doing here - open this page and everything will become clear. Here is this page: Other innovations - are more clear. The online file storage app OneDrive gets file comments for collaboration. Furthermore , OneDrive for Business, previously only available as a component in Office 365 and SharePoint, becomes a separate service and costs $1.50/month/user. In addition, Office 365 adds video portal where you can upload videos and and share them with employees.

2014. Google, Microsoft and Apple refreshed their online office apps

These are not very important updates, but we thought why not remind you once again that online office apps exist, develop and you may well use them instead of paid Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So, Google updated its spreadsheets (watch video above). Now they work faster, even with a very-very large documents. There are new filters and functions, as well as the ability to work offline in the Chrome browser (just like it works for text documents and presentations). As for Microsoft, they mainly worked to redesign their Office Web Apps. The interface became more flat (like in and more comfortable thanks to the updated toolbar. And the notebook app OneNote for Android has become like Evernote (watch video below): The biggest new addition in Apple's cloud iWork - is document password protection. The passwords are compatible with Microsoft Office, so a secured iWork document can be opened in Office without reformatting it, letting users share sensitive information between the platforms. Among the other additions: customizable alignment and spacing guides to Pages, allowing you to rotate, resize and mask objects with various-shaped frames. The app Numbers also added column and rows sorting, as well as the ability to switch to vertical view. And recall that recently this good company of online office suites was joint by free Teamlab Personal.

2012. IBM launches online office suite IBM Docs

Almost a year ago, IBM promised to launch its own alternative to Google Docs and Office 365 - LotusLive Symphony. And the company has fulfilled the promise. True, the service is called differently - IBM Docs and for now it has no relation to the SaaS-platform LotusLive. IBM Docs is now in Beta the status and located on the strange portal Lotus GreenHouse. It's strange because, first, why it's Green, while the company is Blue? And second, IBM doesn't clearly explain the purpose of this portal and how long it will exist. It provides several IBM services for free, including Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, Lotus iNotes. Moreover, the portal has less restrictions than bugs. But let's get back to the IBM Docs. IBM Docs really exceeded our expectations. It works not only with IBM Symphony formats but also with MS Office documents. Moreover, the service shows excellent results in supporting Microsoft docs and spreadsheets formatting (perhaps even better than Office Web Apps). There are certainly some problems with further formatting of complex tables in the text editor and IBM's spreadsheets don't support diagrams yet - but for the first version, it works very well. Each IBM Docs app supports real-time collaboration. You can see who is currently editing the document and what part he is editing right now. And you can chat with co-workers in the sidebar comments. The comments (discussion) can be linked to a specific location in the document. And the killer feature of IBM Docs (compared to competitors) - is an opportunity to assign tasks in the document to different users. For example, you can assign the document part to the particular employee, and only he will be able to edit it. You can also assign the due date and the Reviewer who will check this part after the owner finish his work.