Online Code Editors

Updated: June 24, 2019

2017. Wix unveiled advanced code editor

Wix now allows to create not only simple website in visual editor, but also complicated web applications. The new Wix Code platform opens new possibilities for creators, developers and designers that are looking for the easiest way to build robust web applications tailored to their business needs. It’s serverless, hassle-free coding. You can set up database collections, create content rich websites, add custom forms, change site behavior with APIs and much more. All are built with the ease of use and stunning visual components of the Wix Editor. Plus, anything you build is SEO compatible.

2012. Salesforce launched - (strange) service for site-building

Hooray! Marc Benioff bought another cool (and probably very expensive) domain Actually, that's all news, because the service for simple site-building launched on this domain - is not new. It's all the same Siteforce tool, previously available in Salesforce's marketing cloud. And, in our opinion, this service is not worth of such domain. We still believe that there is a great demand for simple site-building service. But what Salesforce offers - is nonsense. Of course, the visual editor in - is very powerful. It's so CSS-oriented and allows to create pages from templates, forms, dynamic pages, pull content from a database, use JavaScript and even publish pages to Facebook. But it's not simple. Rather, it's more suitable for web designer, than for marketer. And why web designer needs this toy, if he can faster create a better site in a code editor? But the main drawback is the price of service: $1625/month for ONE site + $20/month per 1 user + $125/month per 1 admin. Mark, are you kidding? A simple site for more than $1625/month? Of course, for this price you get a super-scalable hosting, which will stand a million visitors a day. But how often the million-visitor sites are created by marketers in a visual editor? Perhaps Benioff bet on the service integration with other Salesforce applications. Indeed, allows to collaborate on site in Chatter, publish data from CRM, automatically enter data from site forms into Service Desk. But all this was possible in the Siteforce. But why they launched this separate service that no one needs (at such price) without CRM and Service Desk?

2011. Google Hangouts adds real-time code-collaboration

An open source software engineer, Mohamed Mansour, has created an extension for Google+ Hangouts - Hangout Pad for Google+, which allows you to collaborate on the text (or program code) while communicating in video chat. Although this extension is still to buggy, it's very interesting for several reasons. First, it doesn't use the official Google + API (because it doesn't exist so far). Hangout Pad is a plug-in for Google Chrome browser and embeds into Hangouts video chat using a complex hack (via Google Shared Spaces and Google Wave protocol). However, this tool shows the opportunities of expanding Google Hangouts (beware Skype!). The collaboration window (in this case the code editor) is located above the user video streams and it can contain anything. In addition, it is a cool demonstration of the future integration between Google Hangouts and Google Docs.