OKR software

Updated: January 07, 2021

2021. OKR-focused startup Gtmhub raises $30M

Gtmhub, a startup that builds software to help other companies manage their corporate planning, announced that it has raised a $30 million Series B. The acronym OKR translates to “objectives and key results,” a planning method that has become popular among technology firms. It will be interesting to see if other startups working on the software category that also raised money around a year ago will also now raise more capital. The names on our watch list regarding that question include WorkBoard and Ally. There are other players in the space as well, like Perdoo, that we’d love to hear from when it comes to their own 2020 growth.

2020. Koan raises $1M more as it adds a free tier to its OKR software

Koan, a startup that provides objectives-and-key-results (OKR) and status-tracking software, has raised an additional $1 million, added a free tier to its service and acquired a design firm with which it has worked. The OKR-focused startup competes in a somewhat crowded space, including Ally, Gtmhub, WorkBoard among others. Koan’s software is built around a single core philosophy - that small, positive actions done repeatedly will amount to a big impact in time. In that vein, while Koan offers the OKR tools you’d imagine, it also has a check-in feature that helps individuals report their performance and progress in a manner that is aggregated across teams to provide a clear picture of how individuals across teams are feeling about any particular KR.