Top 10: OKR software

Updated: November 17, 2022

Some of the most popular OKR software options are listed below.

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2021. Gtmhub raises $120M for its OKR software

OKR startup Gtmhub announced this morning that it has closed a $120 million Series C. The OKR software market that the startup competes in has had a busy year, helping make the huge round more understandable than it is when simply compared to Gtmhub’s far-smaller Series A and B rounds. Competitor Ally sold to Microsoft, and rival WorkBoard raised a $75 million round earlier in the year. Most recently, smaller OKR player Koan shut down, eventually selling to Gtmhub.

2021. Microsoft acquires OKR startup

Microsoft has acquired, a software service that helps companies measure their progress against OKRs (objectives and key results), a common way that management measures both individual and company progress. Microsoft plans to incorporate Ally into its Viva family of employee experience products. Microsoft says the idea behind Viva and the Ally acquisition is to provide a more transparent way to communicate company goals and objectives to employees. The exit of Ally to Microsoft could signal the start of a round of consolidation in the OKR-focused software market. There are many players competing for the lead, including WorkBoard, Koan, Gtmhub, Perdoo and WeekDone.

2021. OKR-focused WorkBoard raises $75M

WorkBoard, a software startup that sells software designed to help other companies plan, announced that it has raised a $75 million Series D. WorkBoard allows to aliglign strategic priorities through the organization, and localize objectives and key results (OKRs) to cross-functional teams and individuals, measure what really matters automatically with OKR software, chart, calculate and share progress on key results and success metrics on Web, mobile, Slack and Microsoft Teams. WorkBoard competes with other OKR-focused startups like, Perdoo, Gtmhub, Koan and WeekDone. Interestingly, while these companies look similar to outsiders, they are each betting on strategies and differentiators that could help them win in their selected portion of the OKR space.

2021. OKR-focused startup Gtmhub raises $30M

Gtmhub, a startup that builds software to help other companies manage their corporate planning, announced that it has raised a $30 million Series B. The acronym OKR translates to “objectives and key results,” a planning method that has become popular among technology firms. It will be interesting to see if other startups working on the software category that also raised money around a year ago will also now raise more capital. The names on our watch list regarding that question include WorkBoard and Ally. There are other players in the space as well, like Perdoo, that we’d love to hear from when it comes to their own 2020 growth.

2020. Koan raises $1M more as it adds a free tier to its OKR software

Koan, a startup that provides objectives-and-key-results (OKR) and status-tracking software, has raised an additional $1 million, added a free tier to its service and acquired a design firm with which it has worked. The OKR-focused startup competes in a somewhat crowded space, including Ally, Gtmhub, WorkBoard among others. Koan’s software is built around a single core philosophy - that small, positive actions done repeatedly will amount to a big impact in time. In that vein, while Koan offers the OKR tools you’d imagine, it also has a check-in feature that helps individuals report their performance and progress in a manner that is aggregated across teams to provide a clear picture of how individuals across teams are feeling about any particular KR.

2020. OKR software WorkBoard raises $30M

WorkBoard, a SaaS startup that provides goal setting and management software to other companies, announced today that it has closed a $30 million Series C. WorkBoard provides software and services to other companies relating to how they plan and track their progress against their plans. More simply, WorkBoard helps other companies set and leverage OKRs, an acronym that stands for “objectives and key results.” It’s a pretty okay way to set up a company’s planning system. OKRs are popular in Silicon Valley, where Google popularized the method.

2019. OKR platform Koan has raised $3M

Koan, a three-year-old online platform that aims to help teams achieve their objectives and stay engaged, has raised $3 million in seed funding. Koan is trying to set itself apart from the many other performance management tools in the world by catering less to HR departments and targeting instead the chief operating officer or chief of staff. Though these individuals today rely heavily on emails and spreadsheets — static products that can slow down execution — Koan tries to make them more efficient by providing them with a dashboard that makes it easier to track goals, provide feedback and execute other people-management tasks. The company is also targeting leaders of small to mid-size companies. The broader idea is to help them with goal management, and to make it easier for them to make progress against their own metrics and goals.