Network Automation software

Updated: October 27, 2021

2021. Intelligent network automation Gluware raises $43M

Gluware a startup that has built a platform that automatically detects and fixes anomalies in network configurations, described by the CEO to me as “RPA” for network ops — is announcing $43 million in funding. Gluware got its start originally as a Cisco shop, inking a strategic deal with the company early on to build orchestration and automation systems that ran specifically on its servers, specifically a software-defined wide-area network controller to work with Cisco kit. As networks evolved and became continually more complex, the opportunity changed and became about working in multi-vendor networks and for a variety of different enterprises that might not be the typical Cisco service provider customers. Its services now integrate, by way of APIs, to cover network operations across more than 30 different platforms and operating systems.