Top 10: Mobile Workforce Management software

Updated: August 01, 2023

Mobile workforce management is a comprehensive approach that optimizes and coordinates the activities of a remote workforce using mobile devices and technology. This management strategy involves deploying mobile applications and tools that facilitate real-time communication, task allocation, time tracking, and data collection for field workers or remote employees. By leveraging mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, organizations can efficiently manage and monitor their workforce, ensuring better productivity, streamlined operations, and improved customer service. Mobile workforce management solutions provide insights into worker locations, work progress, and performance metrics, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources effectively. Whether it's in field services, sales, healthcare, or any other industry with a mobile workforce, adopting mobile workforce management empowers organizations to adapt to dynamic work environments, enhance employee collaboration, and deliver exceptional service to their clients. Some of the most popular mobile workforce management options are listed below.

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2022. Beekeeper, which helps companies engage with their frontline workforce, raises $50M

Beekeeper, a platform designed to facilitate communication and engagement with frontline workers in businesses, has successfully secured $50 million in a Series C funding round. With a focus on the substantial portion of the global workforce (estimated at 80%) who operate outside of traditional office spaces, Beekeeper caters to industries such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools, including messaging, surveys, video and voice chats, FAQ chatbots, workflow automation for tasks like onboarding new employees, shift scheduling, document management, forms, and more. Furthermore, Beekeeper offers analytics capabilities, equipping managers with valuable engagement metrics to monitor and enhance workforce performance. This recent funding will further support Beekeeper's mission to empower frontline workers and enhance communication in diverse industries.

2019. Skedulo raises $28M for its mobile workforce management service

Skedulo, a platform designed to assist businesses in efficiently managing their mobile employees, recently secured $28 million in Series B funding. The service provided by the company equips businesses with all the essential tools required to effectively handle their mobile workforce, including scheduling. While many small businesses still rely on basic spreadsheets and email for these tasks, it is evident that such methods are far from optimal when it comes to aligning the right employee with the appropriate job, among other considerations. At the heart of Skedulo lies the company's distinctive "Mastermind" engine, which leverages a mobile app and web-based interface. This engine aids businesses in automatically matching employees with suitable jobs based on predefined company priorities. With the newly acquired funding, Skedulo intends to enhance this tool by incorporating advanced machine learning capabilities. Additionally, Skedulo has plans to introduce new analytics tools and integrate with third-party services such as HR and financial management tools, along with payroll systems.

2015. Mobile workforce service Jobber secured $8M

Field service management software, Jobber, has successfully raised $8 million in funding. Traditionally, professional home and mobile service businesses have relied on desktop systems or even manual methods involving pen and paper, resulting in significant inefficiencies. Jobber offers a comprehensive solution for these companies, including mobile apps, scheduling tools, online invoicing, and customer management tools. Since its establishment in 2011, Jobber has served over three and a half million customers, processing invoices totaling over $1 billion. In the field service management sector, Jobber faces competition primarily from outdated pen-and-paper practices. Other players in this market include mHelpDesk, HouseCall Pro, Breezeworks, and vWorkApp. In the enterprise segment, larger and well-established players like ServiceMax and Bella Solutions also operate.

2012. Google Coordinate - mobile workforce coordination app

In some companies, there is a need to coordinate the work of teams that are constantly being on the move - out of office. For example, it may be teams supporting complex equipment, transportation and security companies. In such cases manager (or supervisor) in any moment needs to know the geographical location of each employee and his current availability. For such companies Google has launched a new service - Google Coordinate. It was not very difficult, because Google has its own maps service - Google Maps and has an experience with GPS-positioning (remember Google Latitude). In addition to displaying the location of employees Google Coordinate allows to assign tasks to workers and track their status (receive check-in notifications and reports). The supervisor can even manage the entire workflow via the phone: ***