Mac Antiviruses for Business

Updated: August 05, 2023

Mac antiviruses are security software specifically designed to protect Mac computers from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. While macOS is generally considered more secure than some other operating systems, Macs are not immune to security risks. Mac antiviruses offer real-time scanning, malware detection, and removal features to safeguard users from potential threats while browsing the web, downloading files, or using external devices. These antiviruses also provide additional security layers, such as phishing protection, firewall management, and system optimization tools. With the increasing popularity of Mac computers, the threat landscape is evolving, making Mac antiviruses a valuable investment for users who prioritize data protection, privacy, and the overall security of their Mac devices.

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2019. Microsoft Defender comes to Mac

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will be available for Mac as well. Previously, it served as a Windows solution designed to safeguard the machines of Microsoft 365 subscribers and the assets managed by IT administrators. Formerly known as Windows Defender ATP, Microsoft has decided to drop the "Windows Defender" name since it is now accessible on Mac. Many enterprises utilize a combination of Windows and Mac machines and already equip their employees with Office. By having a security solution that covers both systems, IT departments can significantly simplify their operations, as managing security vulnerabilities on a single system is challenging enough as it is.

2016. Avast Antivirus acquired competitor AVG

Avast, one of the most popular antivirus applications, has announced its acquisition of AVG Technologies, one of its major competitors, for a cash sum of $1.3 billion. This strategic move will provide Avast with access to a vast user base of over 400 million devices currently employing Avast or AVG's software solutions. Among these users are 250 million PC and Mac users, as well as 160 million mobile users. While the acquisition process will take a few months to complete, users can anticipate enhancements in threat detection efficiency in the near future. Avast will have the opportunity to gather more comprehensive threat data, thereby enhancing user protection across PC, Mac, mobile, and even extending its reach to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Additionally, Avast will gain access to AVG's Zen mobile technology, which enables the protection of an entire family's devices from a single primary device. This collaboration will also enable the improvement of technical support for business users.