Lotus Organizer

Lotus Organizer was a personal information manager (PIM). It was initially developed by Threadz, a small British software house, reaching version 3.0. Organizer was subsequently acquired by Lotus Development Corporation, for whom the package was a Windows-based replacement for Lotus Agenda. For several years it was the unquestioned market leader until it was gradually overtaken by Microsoft Outlook.

1996. Lotus Organizer Web Calendar allows to share calendars via the Internet

IBM has introduced the internet addition to the Lotus Organizer 97. The product is called Lotus Organizer 97 Web Calendar and enables geographically dispersed groups to maintain and share calendars via the Internet. It is a CGI-application, installed on the internet / intranet server, which can be accessed through any web browser. When sharing a calendar to the colleagues you can set read-only permission and protect your calendar with the password. In addition, IBM pushed its calendar sharing protocol Internet Calendar Access Protocol as an open, generally accepted standard.