Top 10: Lead Management software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Lead management software is a crucial tool that helps businesses efficiently capture, track, and nurture leads throughout the sales funnel. This specialized software centralizes lead data, ensuring that sales and marketing teams have a unified view of all potential customers and prospects. Lead management software enables businesses to capture leads from various sources, such as website forms, social media, and events, and automatically assigns and prioritizes them based on predefined criteria. With lead scoring and tracking features, businesses can identify the most qualified leads and engage with them at the right time with personalized content and communications. Lead management software also streamlines lead follow-ups, automates lead nurturing campaigns, and provides valuable analytics to optimize the lead-to-sales conversion process. By enhancing lead visibility and streamlining lead handling, lead management software empowers businesses to boost sales efficiency, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive revenue growth. Some of the most popular lead management software options are listed below.

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2022. MadKudu lands $18M for its lead scoring platform

MadKudu, a company specializing in the development of a customer data platform, has recently secured $18 million in Series A funding. MadKudu's primary focus is on lead scoring, providing sales teams with valuable insights to identify high-quality leads and prioritize their efforts effectively. By leveraging advanced analytics and analyzing customer product usage data, MadKudu has built what they claim to be the "largest product-led growth (PLG) data set in the world." With notable customers such as Dropbox, Cloudera, Amplitude, Plain, Unity, and Miro, MadKudu's solution has gained recognition and adoption among leading organizations. By harnessing the power of data analysis, MadKudu empowers sales teams to optimize their lead management process and concentrate their efforts on the most promising opportunities.

2022. SaaS platform LeadSquared becomes unicorn with $153M funding

LeadSquared, an Indian SaaS startup, has achieved unicorn status by assisting sales teams in optimizing their efficiency through its CRM platform. The company focuses on automating the sales process, enhancing productivity across various touchpoints where sales executives operate, such as call centers, field sales forces, and digital channels involved in consumer purchases. LeadSquared equips businesses with tools to streamline vendor onboarding, conduct verifications, and facilitate collections, thereby simplifying and improving these essential sales operations.

2020. Qualified raises $12M to make websites smarter about sales and marketing

Qualified, a startup focused on enhancing sales and marketing effectiveness for websites, has successfully secured $12 million in Series A funding. The core functionality of Qualified revolves around seamlessly connecting real-time visitor information from websites with a company's Salesforce customer database. This integration enables the identification of visitors from high-value accounts, facilitating their immediate routing to the appropriate salesperson while they are still actively browsing the website. This dynamic process transforms into a comprehensive sales meeting, encompassing various communication channels such as phone calls and screensharing. Naturally, the extent of data accessible to Qualified may vary for each visitor. Some visitors may remain anonymous, while others may reveal limited information such as their city or place of work. In certain cases, particularly when visitors click on a link from a marketing email, the platform can individually identify them.

2015. Leads analytics service LeadSpace scores $18M

Leadspace, a company specializing in generating and evaluating sales leads for marketers, has announced that it secured $18 million in funding. Leadspace seamlessly integrates with popular marketing software such as Marketo and Salesforce, combining the leads generated by marketers with publicly available data, including data from social networks. By doing so, it provides marketers with a means to assess the quality of these specific leads in comparison to other customer profiles. Higher-quality leads typically result in increased revenue. Leadspace leverages both internal databases and publicly available data sources to gather its information. For instance, Twitter serves as one of the social networking platforms that contributes to this process, albeit in a limited number of cases.