Top 10: Lead Management software

Updated: November 22, 2022

Some of the most popular lead management software options are listed below.

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2022. MadKudu lands $18M for its lead scoring platform

MadKudu, that develops customer data platform, has raised $18 million Series A. MadKudu is focused on lead scoring that helps salespeople understand which leads are valuable and which would be a waste of time to chase. The developers claim that by analyzing the product usage data of its customers to find patterns in their users’ activity, MadKudu now has the “largest PLG data set in the world.” Startup's customer list includes Dropbox, Cloudera, Amplitude, Plain, Unity and Miro.

2022. SaaS platform LeadSquared becomes unicorn with $153M funding

LeadSquared, a SaaS startup that is helping sales teams become more efficient with its CRM platform, is the latest Indian startup to become a unicorn. The startup helps firms automate sales, bringing efficiency to all the touch points where sales executives are involved including call centers, feet-on-street force and other areas including digital where consumer purchases take place. The startup provides the firms with tools to easily on-board vendors, do verifications and collections.

2020. Qualified raises $12M to make websites smarter about sales and marketing

Qualified, a startup that makes websites smarter about sales and marketing, has raised $12 million in Series A funding. Qualified connects real-time website visitor information with a company’s Salesforce customer database. That means it can identify visitors from high-value accounts and route them to the correct salesperson while they’re still on the website, turning into a full-on sales meeting that can also include a phone call and screensharing. Of course, the amount of data Qualified has access to will differ from visitor to visitor. Some visitors may be purely incognito, while in other cases, the platform might simply know your city or where you work. In still others (say if you click on a link from marketing email), it can identify you individually.

2015. Leads analytics service LeadSpace scores $18M

Leadspace, a company that brings in sales leads and scores them to better help marketers determine which ones to prioritize, said it raised $18 million. Leadspace plugs into marketing software like Marketo and Salesforce, pooling the data from the leads that marketers generate with other publicly available data — such as from social networks. It then gives marketers a way to score those specific leads against other customer profiles — and better leads generally mean more revenue. Leadspace pulls its data from internal databases as well as that publicly-available data. One example of the social networking component is Twitter, which can be useful in a limited number of cases.