Knowledge Sharing software

Updated: January 26, 2020

2019. Workplace AI assistant Capacity raised $13.2M

Capacity (former, the startup which is solving information scatter inside enterprises, has raised new cash to tackle the issue with its corporate data search platform. The company just closed a $13.2 million Series B. Capacity helps its customers pull all of their organizational data together into a platform that makes company information more accessible to people inside the company. It’s all done through a chat interface and directory that employees can use to search for information. There’s a pretty high degree of flexibility in customizing how questions are answered and when a line of questioning gets routed to a person onsite.

2008. Socialcast brought knowledge sharing to the Enterprise

We like the sense of community, the sharing of info and the knowledge that we can tap into with just a few words. Wouldn’t that sort of knowledge sharing and interaction help foster better communication within an organization as well? Socialcast thinks so and their hosted team messaging service is designed to do just that. The service allows companies to aggregate information and encourage communication and collaboration within their organization, much like we do externally with tools like Twitter. Each user is able to create a profile and share information, status updates, documents, links and more with their co-workers. The user profiles are completely customizable and can include custom questions as well as the ability for users to include links to other accounts like, Digg, LinkedIn or even their personal blogs. All of this can be controlled or limited in the administration panel to meet the needs of your particular deployment.