Kinect for Enterprise

2019. Microsoft unveiled Kinect for enterprise

In 2015, Microsoft unexpectedly discontinued Kinect - the 3D camera for the XBOX game console. Apparently the company decided that people had already played enough with this interesting toy. But now they've got a new idea: why not let businesses play with it too. And they released Azure Kinect. This is still the same 3D camera (for $ 399) connected with the cloud platform for creating and running various business applications. It is easier to process videos from Kinect than from a normal camera. For example, there is a toolkit that creates a model of space and people moving in this space. Thus, Kinect can be used to monitor the work quality of new employees, automatic surveillance in retail store, tracking patients in hospital, etc.

2012. Who needs Kinect for business?

Today Microsoft has launched Kinect for Windows with the Kinect SDK for developers. It means that now it's possible to develop any application for Kinect, which will run on any PC. And it's not done for people who want to save money on buying the XBox console (it wouldn't be clever from Microsoft's side). The reason is that the company sees much more opportunities for using this motion and voice sensor besides games and entertainments. So where Kinect could be used in the business world? Microsoft identifies the three main industries: healthcare, education and retail.

2011. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 adds cloud services

MBS President, Kirill Tatarinov (at the left) plays with Dynamics AX 2012 via Kinect

2011. Kinect + GMail Motion : use gestures to manage your inbox

On the 1st of April Google kinda joked - introduced the new feature - GMail Motion - the ability to control emails and even enter text in the GMail mailbox using gestures (see video). But some people don't understand jokes. The guys from Southern California University took Kinect, connected it to GMail using the plug-in and turn into reality the technology that Google showed in the promotional video. Here's how it works: