IoT security platforms

Updated: November 09, 2023

IoT security platforms are crucial tools that address the unique challenges of securing the vast and interconnected network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These specialized platforms provide comprehensive security measures to protect IoT devices, data, and communications from potential cyber threats. IoT security platforms often offer features such as device authentication, encryption, and access controls to ensure only authorized devices and users can interact with IoT systems. Additionally, these platforms use behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous behavior, flagging potential security breaches in real-time. With the growing adoption of IoT devices across industries, IoT security platforms play a vital role in safeguarding critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and user privacy, enabling organizations to leverage the full potential of IoT technology while minimizing security risks.

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2023. Xage Security raises $20M more to expand its security platform

Xage Security, a startup specializing in anti-intrusion software, has secured $20 million in funding. The company offers a cybersecurity platform designed to safeguard Internet of Things (IoT) devices and operational technology, including the hardware and software integral to monitoring, controlling, and upgrading industrial systems. This protection extends to devices, whether they are isolated or connected to the cloud, and is implemented seamlessly atop existing setups, eliminating the necessity for network modifications. Xage's technology actively monitors device interactions, data movement, and network alterations within a company's infrastructure. It detects policy violations and enforces security measures such as implementing multifactor authentication for system logins from unfamiliar locations. While Xage faces competition in the realm of securing IoT and industrial systems, one of its notable rivals is Dragos, particularly in the startup sector.

2022. Cybersecurity startup Ordr nabs $40M to monitor connected devices for anomalies

Ordr, a startup specializing in network-level device security, has successfully raised $40 million in funding. Ordr's technology boasts the capability to autonomously identify and safeguard connected devices by implementing traffic flow and access policies. By deploying their system on existing infrastructure, the startup utilizes machine learning algorithms to establish a foundational understanding of device behavior and promptly detect any suspicious activities. Ordr stands out with its comprehensive visibility into devices and associated risks, its practice of "behavioral baselining" for devices, and its automated creation of enforcement policies across networking and security products.