Screen Sharing apps for iOS

2019. Skype launched screen sharing on iOS and Android

Skype announced on Tuesday that its mobile screen sharing feature now allows both iOS and Android users to share their phone’s screen while on a call. The feature could be used for work-related purposes, as Microsoft has suggested in the past — like sharing a PowerPoint presentation. More practically, it could be used to give remote tech help. To access the option, Skype users will tap the newly added “…” (more) menu in the app. This is where you’ll find other recently launched features, as well, including call recording and subtitles. Also new in this release of Skype for mobile is a redesigned calling screen that now lets you dismiss the call controls with one tap. A second tap dismisses all the controls to make the video call itself the focus. And another tap brings all the controls back.

2017. Zoho Assist enables iOS remote access

For a long time iOS, unlike Android, wasn’t easy to support remotely as it didn’t allow screen sharing. This month Apple released the screen-sharing option in iOS 11, changing the game for iOS remote support. And today Zoho Assist added the way to support remote customers on iOS. Your customers can quickly join your remote support session from their iPhone or iPad. Zoho Assist supports iOS 11 from day one. iOS mobile device support comes with affordable pricing model with no device limit.