Top 10: Incident Detection and Response software

Updated: August 05, 2023

Incident Detection and Response (IDR) software is a crucial component of modern cybersecurity strategies, specifically focused on rapidly identifying and mitigating security incidents. IDR software continuously monitors networks, endpoints, and systems for indicators of compromise and suspicious activities. Through advanced threat detection mechanisms, such as behavioral analytics and machine learning, IDR solutions can swiftly pinpoint potential security breaches and malicious behavior. Once an incident is detected, the software triggers automated or manual response actions, allowing security teams to promptly investigate, contain, and remediate the threat. IDR software plays a vital role in minimizing the dwell time of attackers, reducing the impact of security breaches, and enabling organizations to maintain a proactive and robust security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats. Some of the most popular Incident Detection and Response software options are listed below.

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2020. FireEye acquires AI security expert Respond Software for $186M

Cybersecurity firm FireEye has completed the acquisition of Respond Software, a company specializing in assisting customers with security incident investigations and analysis, while reducing the dependency on highly skilled security analysts, who are often in short supply. FireEye was particularly interested in Respond's Analyst product, which will be integrated into its Mandiant Solutions platform. Similar to many companies in the industry, FireEye is leveraging machine learning to enhance its solutions and introduce automation in data analysis, enabling the identification of real security issues and the elimination of false positives. The acquisition provides FireEye with an immediate infusion of machine learning-driven software.

2020. Intezer raises $15M for its DNA-style approach to identifying malware code

Israeli startup Intezer has secured $15 million in funding for its innovative approach to malware analysis, inspired by the principles of DNA sequencing. Intezer refers to its technique as "genetic malware analysis," leveraging the understanding that all software, both legitimate and malicious, is composed of pre-existing code. By mapping out different malware and identifying code reuse and similarities, Intezer can effectively detect and counter new threats. Cybercriminals often reuse code for efficiency, but this practice also poses challenges for launching new attack campaigns. Starting from scratch becomes exponentially more difficult for them. Intezer's groundbreaking technology disrupts these efforts, enabling proactive measures against emerging threats.

2019. Incident Detection and Response platform Confluera snaged $9M

Confluera, a startup focused on helping companies defend against a barrage of attacks, has announced a $9 million Series A investment led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. The company offers a solution that actively monitors the customer's infrastructure, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to mitigate potential attacks. Leveraging its platform's comprehensive infrastructure visibility and leveraging security information from various sources, Confluera accurately determines the attacker's current location and suggests effective mitigation strategies. Although Confluera is in its early stages with only 19 employees and three current customers, it is poised to officially launch next week at Black Hat, a renowned cybersecurity event. Moving forward, the company will continue to enhance its product and demonstrate its efficacy in thwarting the recurring types of attacks we regularly encounter.