Incident Analysis platforms

2020. announces $4M seed to build incident analysis platform, a startup that provides one central place for incident analysis, and has closed a $4 million seed round. It's pulling together all of the data from emails, Slack channels, PagerDuty, Zoom recordings, logs and so forth that captured information about the incident, surfacing insights to help understand what happened without having to manually pull all of this information together.

2020. FireEye acquires AI security expert Respond Software for $186M

Cybersecurity company FireEye has acquired Respond Software, a company that helps customers investigate and understand security incidents, while reducing the need for highly trained (and scarce) security analysts. FireEye had its eye on Respond’s Analyst product, which it plans to fold into its Mandiant Solutions platform. Like many companies today, FireEye is focused on using machine learning to help bolster its solutions and bring a level of automation to sorting through the data, finding real issues and weeding out false positives. The acquisition gives them a quick influx of machine learning-fueled software.

2020. Uptycs lands $30M for its security analytics platform

Security analytics startup Uptycs announced a $30 million Series B to help companies detect and understand breaches when they happen. It helps to solve intrusion detection, compliance and audit and incident investigation. These are table stakes requirements for security solutions that most large scale organizations have, and of course with their scale the challenges vary. Uptycs uses a flight recorder approach to security, giving security operations teams the ability to sift through the data and review exactly how a detection happened and how the intruder got through the company’s defenses.