Hybrid event platforms

Updated: October 12, 2021

2021. Twine raises $3.3M to add networking features to virtual events

Twine, a video chat startup that launched amid the pandemic as a sort of “Zoom for meeting new people,” shifted its focus to online events and, as a result, has now closed on $3.3 million in seed funding. Event owners can use the product for free on twine’s website for small events with up to 30 users, but to scale up any further requires a license. Twine charges on a per attendee basis, where customers buy packs of attendees on a software-as-a-service model. The company’s customers can then embed twine directly in their own website or add a link that pops open the twine website in a separate browser tab.

2021. Hybrid events platform Brella raises $10M

Hybrid event platform Brella has raised a $10 million Series A funding round. Unlike many of our competitors, Brella is squarely focused on capturing the essence of live business events and translating them into an intuitive digital format. It is not impressing event organizers with needlessly long feature-lists: Instead, it provides them with a lean, beautifully designed platform that supercharges the attendee experience using fantastic UX and AI-smart networking. The new Brella product is about community building, attendee grouping and unified analytics for virtual and live audiences.

2021. Cisco to acquire startup Socio to bring hybrid events to Webex

Cisco buys startup Socio, which helps plan hybrid in-person and virtual events. Socio provides a missing hybrid event management component for the company to add to its Webex platform. The goal appears to be to combine this with the recent purchase of Slido and transform Webex from an application mostly for video meetings into a more comprehensive event platform. Socio was founded in 2016 and raised around $7 million in investment capital, according to Crunchbase data. It has a prestigious list of enterprise customers that includes Microsoft, Google, Jet Blue, Greenpeace, PepsiCo and Hyundai.

2021. InEvent raises $2M for its virtual conference platform

InEvent, a startup powering virtual and hybrid events, has raised $2M in seed funding. InEvent is less focused on replicating giant consumer events and more on helping businesses hold virtual events where they can connect with clients and partners. Two of the big needs for B2B events are customization and support, so InEvent has created what he described as a “really beautiful” product that can still be customized with the organizer’s branding. The platform includes a virtual lobby where participants can browse all the programming, a video player, a registration system, the ability to create a conference mobile app and more.

2020. Welcome raises $12 million to become the Ritz Carlton for event platforms

Startup Welcome, that is positioning itself as the “Ritz-Carlton for virtual events,” has raised $12 million Series A. Welcome features a control room for event producers, breakout rooms for attendees, a green room for speakers, white-label branding, networking, audience question & answer functionality and more. Welcome also offers event producers the ability to hold hybrid events that are both online and in-person. Welcome is targeting enterprise customers for annual contracts in the five-figure range.

2020. Hopin raises $125M for its online events platform

Hopin, a startup that provides online events software, has closed a $125 million Series B. Its virtual events technology caught a tailwind when COVID-19 cancelled travel and in-person events all around the world. Suddenly, Hopin’s vision of hosting events online was the only way to hold confabs. But Hopin’s original vision was hybrid events, allowing IRL events to merge with online experiences, we reckon. So, when the world gets a vaccine, Hopin doesn’t see the event as an existential risk to its platform.