Google Inbox

Google Inbox was an organizer app that allowed to get things done and get back to what matters. Bundles keep emails organized.

2016. Google Inbox now helps you track calendar events

Google is launching an update to it's Gmail-based app Inbox. The most interesting new feature is that Inbox can now help you keep track of events and the emails you send back and forth about them. This feature is linked to Calendar invites, similar to how trip bundles are triggered by hotel or flight bookings. Google tells me this is based on the same technology that powers Inbox’s trip bundles, which pull all your hotel, flight, restaurant and car reservations into a single, shareable bundle.

2015. Google Inbox adds smart reminders and undo send option

Google Inbox, the Gmail-based mobile email client, is now open to all and provides some new features. The overarching theme for these updates (and really Inbox as a whole), is to help users save time. The new Trip Bundles feature automatically groups all the messages about a trip into a single bundle, so you have direct access to your flight, hotel booking and rental car reservation information. Another interesting new feature involves reminders, which have always been a key part of Inbox. Now, when Google notices that somebody asks you to do something in an email, Inbox will automatically suggest that you set yourself a reminder to do that. Agarwal tells me that this is powered by the same tech Google already uses to categorize emails. Other new features include the ability to recall any email within the first 10 seconds after you first hit send, custom email signatures for Inbox that will sync across devices and the ability to switch Inbox’s swipe gesture from marking emails as done to deleting them by default.

2015. Google Inbox comes to iPad and Android tablets, Firefox and Safari

Google rolled out an iPad-friendly build of Inbox (the company’s invite-only Gmail reader with built-in tricks like email snoozing). It's also available for Android tablets. Besides, the web version of Google Inbox finally picked up official support for Firefox and Safari, whereas only Chrome had been supported to date. Google says Inbox is a new take on email management. It’s more of a blend between Gmail and Google Now. That’s not a bad thing: Google Now insights make for a smarter Inbox with contextual reminders and emails bundled together in groups such as Purchased, Finance, Social, Low Priority and Updates.

2014. Google unveiled its Email 2.0 service

Google has a new email app and it aims to help you manage your messages by surfacing important information and allowing you more control over your to-do list. It’s called Inbox and it is available through an invite-only system for now. The main idea of the new app is "inbox zero” — an inbox free of much of the rubbish that lands in your Gmail on any given day. The app features Bundles, which will group together similar kinds of messages, Highlights, which puts important emails front and center and ability to create Reminders that will alert them about various tasks. According to Google, Inbox will ultimately be a replacement for Gmail, although this isn’t going to happen any time soon.