Enterprise Waste Management software

2019. Arrow and ADI partner with Sensoneo smart waste management

Sensoneo, a leading provider of smart, enterprise-grade waste management solutions operating in 30 countries worldwide, announced the partnership with Analog Devices and Arrow Electronics in the field of smart waste management. The partners have joined forces to bring to the market first class smart waste solutions capitalizing on Arrow’s and ADI’s vast competences in IoT and Smart City and Sensoneo’s unique expertise in smart waste management.

2018. Binando and ZENNER Connect partner for digital waste management

Stuttgart-based digital waste management startup Binando partnered with Zurich-based IoT startup ZENNER Connect to make use of its infrastructure for pilot projects in Switzerland. This gives municipalities, utilities companies, manufacturers of recycling containers and waste management firms the assurance that all the data collected will remain in trustworthy hands. The cooperation between Binando and ZENNER Connect paves the way for greater sustainability and efficiency in the field of logistics planning in the waste management industry. Once installed inside bins and recycling containers, Binando's fill level sensors detect via ultrasound which containers are ready for emptying, and transmit the data to the Switzercloud servers in Zurich. The software element of the smart waste solution then automatically works out the shortest and quickest route for the next day's collection rounds. Avoiding empty runs reduces emissions, fuel consumption and wear and tear to the collection vehicles, and simultaneously saves a considerable amount of time.

2017. IBM and Whitespace explore opportunities for waste recycling

Whitespace that develops waste collections solutions together with IBM started exploring opportunities to identify solutions for the digital transformation of public services. IBM is well known for their work in digital transformation for local government through their CRM solutions, hardware lease business and productivity applications. Together companies will combine resources to bring innovative and practical solutions to the market and shape the future of the public-sector services. By using the solutions, local authorities and public-sector contractors will be able to utilise their assets more effectively and greatly reduce costs. Whitespace provides a complete system from mobile working and telematics for field based crews to management and reporting solutions for office based staff.