Enterprise Energy Management software

2018. Correlate provides strategic energy management

Every year organizations spend $600 billion on wasted energy. The average building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes. Correlate provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to energy management that will achieve sustainable energy and cost savings over the long-term. Through continuous business process and energy performance improvements, along with organizational culture change, Strategic Energy Management (SEM) can help organization reduce energy use by up to 15 per cent and achieve greater saving from capital projects. Correlate can help implement SEM within your organization, facilitating all the components necessary to develop a complete Strategic Energy Management Plan such as energy mapping, monitoring and reporting, employee training and support for employee engagement activities.

2017. Verdigris – Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise energy efficiency

Enterprise energy startup Verdigris Technologies has taken in $16.1 million in funding. People spend 92% of their time in buildings, and Verdigris wants buildings to take care of people instead of the other way around. A key part of their solution is a piece of Internet of Things (IoT) hardware that can be installed by any qualified electrician and immediately starts relaying information from 42 on-board sensors up to “the cloud” where all the magic happens. The sensors create the “electrical map” and then collect data over time which results in an average 30-50% savings on your monthly electricity bill. There’s also the added benefit of that “electrical map” telling you when things stop working, like light bulbs. The data transmitter talks to the cloud using Verizon 4G/LTE or even your own WiFi network. The installation takes about 30-120 minutes and here’s the installation guide if you’re interested in the technical details.

2013. Storage as a Service startup Stem offers office batteries with no money down

Stem sells its battery energy storage system as a way to reduce electricity bills. Now it can offer commercial customers a new option: no money down. Stem makes a lithium-ion battery device connected to cloud-based analytics that can determine when it's best to draw energy from the battery and cut the demand charges that come during peak usage hours. Its customers are mostly in California, where there are relatively high demand charges and subsidies for energy storage. A single battery box, each of which is taller and narrower than a household refrigerator, provides 18 kilowatts for one hour and can be linked together for more capacity. The company currently has 6 megawatts installed.