Data Management platforms

Updated: June 24, 2022

2022. Data management vendor Ataccama receives $150M

Ataccama, which today raised $150 million, develops data governance, data catalog, data quality and data management capabilities for enterprises. Ataccama’s platform falls under the category of “data fabric,” a combination of technologies that help to identify, connect, clean and enrich data to uncover the relationships between data points. Among other services, Ataccama provides data quality checks, monitoring and remediation. The platform can automatically discover data across a range of on-premises and public cloud sources as well as transform this data and capture or create metadata (e.g., lineage) from it.

2021. Cascade Labs raises $5.3M for its no-code data automation platform

Cascade Labs helps operations teams automate their data workflows. Using the company’s no-code tools, teams can pull in data from their favorite sources, transform it as needed, analyze it and then automatically kick off specific processes based on the results. The company has raised a $5.3 million seed round. With Cascade Labs, operations teams can easily take data from most common sources (or a CSV file, if needed) and then create workflows around that. That may include basic transformations and other standard data operations, but Cascade Labs also offers some predictive capabilities. Typically, at the end of those workflows is an action. That could be emails to the employees of the scooter operators about which scooters to bring in for repairs, for example.

2021. AI Data management company Databricks raises $1B

Databricks, the data-and-AI focused company that interacts with corporate information stored in the public cloud, has raises $1B. The company makes money by offering each of those open-source products as a software service and it’s doing exceedingly well at it, so much so that investors were tripping over each other to be part of this deal. In fact, Ghodsi said in a conversation with TechCrunch today that his company had targeted a much more modest $200 million raise, but that figure grew as more parties wanted to invest funds into the company. Even with that, Databricks had to turn capital away, he added, after deciding to cap the round at $1 billion.

2020. Firebolt raises $37M to take on Snowflake, Amazon and Google with a new approach to data warehousing

Firebolt, a startup that has built a more comprehensive way to assess, analyse and use that data is announcing $37M funding as it looks to take on Snowflake, Amazon, Google and others in the area of enterprise data analytics. Today's data warehouses are solving yesterday’s problem, which was: How do I migrate to the cloud and deal with scale? Firebolt changes the focuse from one of scale to one of speed and efficiency. The startup claims that its performance is up to 182 times faster than that of other data warehouses. It’s a SQL-based system that works on principles that Farkash said came out of academic research that had yet to be applied anywhere, around how to handle data in a lighter way, using new techniques in compression and how data is parsed. Data lakes in turn can be connected with a wider data ecosystem, and what it translates to is a much smaller requirement for cloud capacity.

2020. Harbr raises $38.5M to help enterprises share big data securely

Organizations today are sitting on mountains of data that they amass and use in their own businesses, but many are also looking to share those troves with other parties to expand their prospects. Startup called Harbr, which has built a secure platform to enable big data exchange, has raised $38.5 million in a Series A. The platform today provides enterprises with a way to tap into data that an organization may already have in data lakes and warehouses, which it already uses for analytics and business intelligence. The idea is to make that data ready and secure for enterprise data exchange, either with other parts of your own large organization, or with third parties. That involves creating a “clean room”, providing tools for making it accessible by third parties, and potentially turning it into a data marketplace, if that is your goal.

2020. Collibra nabs $112.5M for its big data management platform

Collibra, which provides tools to manage, warehouse, store and analyse data troves, has raised $112.5M Series F funding, at valuation $2.3 billion. Collibra was originally a spin-out from Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium and today it works with some 450 enterprises and other large organizations. Customers include Adobe, Verizon, insurers AXA and a number of healthcare providers. Its products cover a range of services focused around company data, including tools to help customers comply with local data protection policies and store it securely, and tools (and plug-ins) to run analytics and more.