Data Management platforms

Updated: July 30, 2023

Data management platforms are comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to effectively collect, store, organize, and analyze data from various sources. These specialized platforms provide a centralized and secure environment where businesses can manage their data throughout its lifecycle. Data management platforms often include features such as data integration, data quality, data governance, and data analytics, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. By maintaining data integrity and ensuring data compliance with regulations, data management platforms help businesses maximize the value of their data assets. Moreover, these platforms enable seamless data sharing and collaboration across departments, promoting a data-driven culture and improving overall business efficiency. With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data, data management platforms are essential tools that empower organizations to harness the full potential of their data for enhanced business insights and innovation.

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2023. Microsoft launches Fabric, a new end-to-end data and analytics platform

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Fabric, a comprehensive data and analytics platform (distinct from Azure Service Fabric). This new platform revolves around Microsoft's OneLake data lake, while also enabling data retrieval from Amazon S3 and, soon, Google Cloud Platform. It encompasses a wide range of functionalities, including integration tools, a data engineering platform based on Spark, a real-time analytics platform, and an enhanced Power BI for intuitive visualization and AI-driven analytics. Additionally, a new no-code developer experience empowers users to monitor their data in real-time, triggering actions and notifications based on it. These tools are seamlessly interconnected, and Microsoft has integrated its AI Copilot into the Fabric framework as well.

2022. Data management vendor Ataccama receives $150M

Ataccama, a company that recently secured $150 million in funding, specializes in developing enterprise-grade solutions for data governance, data cataloging, data quality, and data management. Ataccama's platform belongs to the realm of "data fabric," which encompasses a combination of technologies designed to identify, connect, cleanse, and enhance data, ultimately revealing the intricate relationships between various data points. Among its array of services, Ataccama offers data quality assessments, monitoring, and remediation. The platform is capable of automatically discovering data from a wide range of sources, including on-premises and public cloud environments. Additionally, it facilitates data transformation and captures or generates metadata, such as lineage information, to enhance data understanding and management.

2021. Cascade Labs raises $5.3M for its no-code data automation platform

Cascade Labs specializes in assisting operations teams with automating their data workflows. Through the company's intuitive no-code tools, teams can effortlessly gather data from their preferred sources, customize it as necessary, conduct analysis, and initiate specific processes automatically based on the results. The company recently secured a seed round of funding amounting to $5.3 million. With Cascade Labs, operations teams can seamlessly integrate data from various common sources, including the option to import data from a CSV file if required, and create comprehensive workflows around it. These workflows encompass fundamental transformations and standard data operations, while also offering predictive capabilities. Typically, the conclusion of these workflows triggers an action, such as sending emails to scooter operator employees to notify them which scooters require repairs, for instance.

2021. AI Data management company Databricks raises $1B

Databricks, the company specializing in data and AI solutions that interact with corporate data stored in the public cloud, has successfully raised $1 billion in funding. Databricks generates revenue by offering its open-source products as software services, and its performance in this area has been exceptional, attracting a flurry of investors eager to be part of the deal. Initially aiming for a more modest $200 million raise, the company saw interest grow rapidly, leading to the final funding amount of $1 billion. Databricks even had to decline additional capital, as it made the decision to cap the funding round at $1 billion.

2020. Firebolt raises $37M to take on Snowflake, Amazon and Google with a new approach to data warehousing

Firebolt, a pioneering startup, has secured $37 million in funding as it aims to challenge industry giants such as Snowflake, Amazon, and Google in the realm of enterprise data analytics. Firebolt has developed an advanced approach to data assessment, analysis, and utilization, offering a more comprehensive solution. While current data warehouses have primarily addressed the challenge of cloud migration and scalability, Firebolt shifts the focus towards speed and efficiency. The startup asserts that its performance surpasses other data warehouses by up to 182 times. Firebolt utilizes a SQL-based system built upon novel principles derived from academic research. These principles revolutionize data handling by employing innovative compression techniques and advanced data parsing methods. Furthermore, Firebolt facilitates seamless integration with data lakes, forming a cohesive data ecosystem. As a result, the platform significantly reduces cloud capacity requirements, translating into enhanced operational efficiency.

2020. Harbr raises $38.5M to help enterprises share big data securely

Modern organizations possess vast amounts of data that they collect and utilize internally, but many are now seeking opportunities to share these valuable resources with external parties to enhance their business prospects. Enter Harbr, a startup that has developed a secure platform for facilitating big data exchange. Recently, the company successfully raised $38.5 million in a Series A funding round. Harbr's platform offers enterprises a means to leverage data stored in data lakes and warehouses, which they already employ for analytics and business intelligence purposes. The primary objective is to prepare and secure this data for enterprise data exchange, whether it involves internal departments within a large organization or external third parties. This involves establishing a "clean room" environment, equipping it with tools to facilitate accessibility for third parties, and potentially transforming it into a data marketplace should that be the desired outcome.

2020. Collibra nabs $112.5M for its big data management platform

Collibra, a company specializing in data management, warehousing, storage, and analysis, has secured $112.5 million in Series F funding, valuing the company at $2.3 billion. Originally stemming from Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium, Collibra now serves approximately 450 enterprises and other prominent organizations. Its clientele boasts renowned names such as Adobe, Verizon, AXA insurance, and various healthcare providers. Collibra's comprehensive product lineup encompasses a wide array of services centered around managing corporate data. These offerings include tools that facilitate compliance with local data protection regulations, ensuring secure data storage, and providing analytics capabilities through various tools and plug-ins.