Engineering Collaboration software

2021. Collaboration platform for engineering teams CoLab raises $17M

CoLab Software, which provides a web-based collaboration tool and issue-tracking platform for engineering teams, has raised $17 million in Series A funding. CoLab’s short-term goal is to allow engineers to focus on creating and building by making their work as automated as possible. The company is doing this by investing in real-time abilities that allow design and manufacturing teams to collaborate efficiently. The platform currently has three main features: Drive, Track and Reviews. The Drive feature lets users organize their work independently of their other file systems and share files securely. CoLab’s Track feature offers a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening within a team. Lastly, the Reviews feature lets users collaborate on designs, ranging from formal design reviews to informal peer checks.

2014. ZenHub helps engineering teams manage projects inside GitHub

GitHub is now popular enough for other companies to start building services around it. One of the latest projects that aims to make working with GitHub faster and easier is ZenHub. With ZenHub, teams get a project management service that is deeply integrated with GitHub and provides them with Trello-like drag-and-drop task boards, easy uploads for any type of file (GitHub’s interface only allows image file uploads by default) and +1 buttons for providing quick feedback about commits, pull requests, suggestions and comments. The focus is mostly on developers, but the easy-to-use interface also allows business users to manage their workflows in GitHub, which could eliminate a company’s need for any other third-party management tool.