Employee Onboarding software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Employee onboarding software is a valuable solution that streamlines and enhances the process of welcoming and integrating new hires into an organization. These specialized platforms offer a centralized and automated onboarding workflow, ensuring that new employees receive all necessary information, forms, and training materials promptly. Employee onboarding software can include features such as digital document signing, employee orientation modules, and task management, allowing HR teams and managers to efficiently guide new hires through the onboarding process. With the ability to track progress and send reminders, these platforms ensure that no crucial steps are missed, leading to a smoother and more engaging onboarding experience for new employees. Moreover, employee onboarding software can integrate with HRIS and other systems, enabling seamless data transfer and reducing administrative burdens. By leveraging employee onboarding software, organizations can improve employee satisfaction, accelerate time-to-productivity, and lay the foundation for long-term employee success and retention.

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2022. Humaans raises $15M to simplify HR tasks like onboarding

Introducing Humaans, an HR tech startup revolutionizing how organizations manage their HR operations. Humaans offers a highly customizable HR stack that efficiently handles various components of people ops, including employee documents, data, payroll, contracts, and more. With Humaans, organizations can easily capture and store essential employee details such as identification documents, emergency contacts, and basic profiles, ensuring no critical information is overlooked. The platform provides valuable insights by monitoring probation periods, employee onboarding and offboarding, birthdays and work anniversaries, expiring IDs, time off, and vacation hours. Moreover, Humaans offers comprehensive reporting on headcount changes across departments, tenure, salary expenditure, and trends related to employee leave patterns.

2022. Appcues nabs $32.1M for analytics and no-code tools to fix user onboarding

Appcues, a startup focused on addressing onboarding challenges and offering low-code, non-technical solutions, has successfully raised $32.1 million in a Series B funding round. Established in 2014, Appcues initially provided a SaaS toolset that empowered marketers to create prompt messages on websites without relying on developers. The toolset primarily focused on enhancing user onboarding experiences. Over time, the company expanded its product to encompass flows for improving feature adoption, encouraging feedback surveys, and driving engagement with announcements. Despite these advancements, the core principle remains the same: enabling non-technical individuals to optimize their digital interfaces through customizable dialogues.

2021. Sora’s HR automation software raises $14M

Sora, a dynamic startup specializing in HR automation software, has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising an impressive $14 million. Sora offers valuable support to HR operations teams by streamlining the collection and synchronization of data from diverse systems, establishing standardized processes for specific tasks, and facilitating collaboration among the broader people or HR team within organizations. With Sora's innovative capabilities, automated emails can be triggered from HR, HR operations tasks can be centralized, and data can be seamlessly exchanged between different software tools used by larger human resources teams. This transformative approach significantly reduces mundane and repetitive tasks for HR operations teams, saving time and minimizing the risk of overlooking critical responsibilities. As HR operations teams often oversee crucial processes like onboarding, the ability to avoid errors becomes paramount. Sora empowers HR operations teams to operate efficiently and effectively, freeing them from burdensome administrative work and enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives.

2021. Tango raises $5.7M to make employee onboarding easier

Tango has successfully secured a seed round of $5.7 million to further develop its innovative workflow intelligence platform. With a focus on enhancing productivity and efficiency, Tango is specifically tailored to assist employees, particularly those in customer success and sales enablement roles, in reclaiming up to 20% of their workweek that is typically spent searching for information or seeking the right colleague for assistance. Through its cutting-edge technology, Tango records users' workflows, including actions, page links, URLs, and screenshots, and transforms them into comprehensive step-by-step documentation accompanied by videos. By providing a Chrome extension that automatically captures workflow best practices, Tango enables teams to learn from top performers and enhance their own efficiency. With Tango, employees can streamline their work processes, eliminate unnecessary time spent on manual tasks, and focus on more impactful work.

2021. Personio raises $125M for an HR platform for SME

Personio, a German startup specializing in providing all-in-one HR solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, has secured $125 million in funding, valuing the company at $1.7 billion. Personio's comprehensive HR platform encompasses essential functions such as recruiting, onboarding, payroll management, and absence tracking, tailored specifically for smaller organizations. With approximately 3,000 SMEs across Europe already utilizing its services, Personio has established a strong customer base. The company is not alone in recognizing the potential for increased demand for HR tools in the evolving work landscape. Similar startups like Hibob have also witnessed significant growth and have been actively raising funds to capitalize on this opportunity.

2020. Welcome raises $6M to help your company hire and keep employees

Welcome, the HR software that facilitates organizations in creating and finalizing offers for new candidates, has recently announced the successful completion of a $6 million seed round. Additionally, Welcome is introducing a new product called Total Rewards today, which not only assists new candidates but also provides existing employees with a comprehensive and easily understandable overview of their compensation, encompassing salary, benefits, equity, and more. By leveraging Welcome, companies can efficiently structure their compensation packages based on level and position and deliver this information to candidates digitally in a coherent manner. The startup seamlessly integrates with various software providers, including Slack, Lever, Greenhouse, ADP, and Justworks, among others, streamlining the onboarding process for Welcome clients and consolidating a wide range of information in a single platform.