Top 10: Employee Experience software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Employee Experience software is a comprehensive solution that focuses on enhancing the overall journey and satisfaction of employees within an organization. This specialized software offers a range of tools and features designed to improve employee engagement, well-being, and productivity. Employee Experience software includes employee feedback and survey capabilities to gather insights on employee sentiment and identify areas for improvement. It also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between team members, promoting a positive work environment. Additionally, Employee Experience software often includes features for performance management, recognition and rewards, and learning and development opportunities, ensuring that employees feel valued and supported in their professional growth. By investing in Employee Experience software, organizations can foster a positive company culture, boost employee morale and retention, and ultimately drive better business outcomes through a more engaged and satisfied workforce. Some of the most popular employee experience software options are listed below.

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2023. Cleary raises $4.5M to reinvent the intranet

Cleary, one of the startups dedicated to rejuvenating the intranet, has recently secured $4.5 million in seed funding. Cleary's vision revolves around providing a comprehensive employee experience platform, covering various aspects. In an effort to help businesses manage their SaaS expenditures effectively, Cleary's approach proves to be strategic. The platform offered by Cleary encompasses a communication system, wikis, tools for virtual employee recognition, an employee directory with organizational charts, a search tool that consolidates a company's knowledge base from multiple third-party sources, and a Q&A service for live events. Cleary seamlessly integrates with popular HR tools like Workday and ADP, communication services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack, as well as authentication services provided by Okta, Microsoft, and Google.

2021. Microsoft acquires OKR startup

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of, a software service designed to assist companies in assessing their progress towards objectives and key results (OKRs) – a widely used method for measuring individual and organizational achievements. This acquisition aligns with Microsoft's strategy of integrating Ally into its Viva suite of employee experience products. The purpose behind Viva and the inclusion of Ally is to establish a more transparent approach in communicating company goals and objectives to employees. The acquisition of Ally by Microsoft may serve as a precursor to a potential wave of consolidation in the OKR-focused software market, which currently features several prominent competitors like WorkBoard, Koan, Gtmhub, Perdoo, and WeekDone.

2021. Employee IT Experience monitoring provider Nexthink nabs $180M

Nexthink, a well-established startup aiming to enhance IT services for internal clients, has recently secured a $180 million Series D funding. Nexthink approaches the IT monitoring challenge from a unique standpoint by providing the IT department with real-time insights into the employee experience of IT services. Similar to how HR and marketing survey tools enable companies to gauge the satisfaction of employees or customers, Nexthink enables querying of the user base. By collecting this valuable data, it enables IT departments to comprehend how employees are utilizing the organization's chosen technology solutions. This software is tailored towards larger organizations with a minimum of 5,000 employees.

2021. Microsoft launches employee experience platform Viva

Microsoft has introduced Viva, a new "employee experience platform" that reimagines the traditional intranet sites commonly provided by large companies to their employees. Viva encompasses essential features such as internal communication access, seamlessly integrated with SharePoint, Yammer, and other Microsoft tools. Moreover, Viva offers team analytics capabilities and integrates with LinkedIn Learning and other training content providers, including SAP SuccessFactors. Additionally, Microsoft has introduced Viva Topics, a feature designed for internal knowledge sharing within organizations. With Viva, Microsoft aims to enhance the overall employee experience by providing a comprehensive and integrated platform.

2020. Employee experience SaaS startup InFeedo raises $3.2M

The SaaS startup specializing in "people analytics," InFeedo, has recently secured $3.2 million in a new financing round, with investment from esteemed executives. InFeedo addresses a critical need for large companies to effectively assess the happiness and satisfaction levels of their employees. As businesses grow and their workforce expands to thousands or even tens of thousands, it becomes increasingly challenging for CEOs to personally engage with every employee to gauge morale or identify areas for improvement. InFeedo tackles this obstacle by leveraging their chatbot, Amber. This intelligent chatbot periodically reaches out to employees, swiftly checking in on their well-being and gathering valuable insights. By utilizing Amber, companies can efficiently monitor employee sentiment and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and desires for organizational improvements.