Email Collaboration software

2019. Email collaboration software Zimbra added own document editors

Zimbra Network Edition now features integrated feature-rich office productivity suite - Zimbra Docs. It's free and you don't need MS Office license. You can now create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations right in Zimbra. Zimbra Docs supports the most popular document formats (xls, doc, and ppt and more). The apps are called: Zimbra Writer (document editor), Zimbra Calc (spreadsheets), Zimbra Impress (presentations) and Zimbra Briefcase (for converting and sharing files). The heart of the service is Zimbra Docs server that must be installed on one or more dedicated nodes running RHEL 7 / CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Besides own built-in office, Zimbra features LibreOffice integration, that is also free.

2018. Microsoft released Exchange 2019, but no way to deploy it

Microsoft has released a new version of its e-mail and collaboration server Exchange 2019. And companies can already download the update, but there is one problem - there is no way to install it. Because it works only on the server operating system Windows Server 2019 which hasn't been released yet. As for the innovations in Exchange 2019, they mainly improve system performance. The new version can use up to 48 processor cores and 256GB of RAM and is optimized for SSD-drives. In general, it is obvious (and the company does not hide this) that Microsoft is developing Exchange with a focus only on large and very large companies. And they want to transfer all small and medium businesses to the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, which provides the email server as a service.

2016. Amazon WorkMail becomes generally available

Amazon took its enterprise-aimed email and calendaring service called WorkMail out of preview mode. The product is based on Amazon Web Services and is meant to sub in for legacy solutions, like Microsoft Exchange. WorkMail integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and other email clients that use the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. The product fits alongside other solutions designed for the corporate crowd, like WorkDocs (previously Zocalo), an enterprise storage and sharing service; and Amazon WorkSpaces, a managed desktop computing service that lets IT provision cloud-based desktops for end users. And like the others, WorkMail is about leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services to more directly serve the needs of a business’s end users, rather than being just a back-end solution.

2013. IBM embed Email into Connections to drive users out of Email

For a long time collaboration vendors are trying to lead users from using e-mail. They trying to convince us that sharing files (or other information) - is more convenient than sending them by Email. But users will don't want to give up the technology, that has proven its effectiveness for many years, and still Inbox remains the main workspace for most information workers. But IBM has invented the new way to drive people from email to social tools - it integrated email to their social intranet IBM Connections. Now, emails, contacts and calendar (stored in the mail server Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange) can be accessed right in the Connections interface. Thus, user has a choice - to share or to send an email. And it's no need to switch between applications. Also, if he still chooses to "send email" - he can select files from IBM Connections Files storage. In this case the system doesn't attach files, but inserts links to the message and automatically share these files with recipients. It's evident that IBM wants to make Connections the center of its collaboration suite (just like SharePoint in Microsoft's suite). IBM's suite is even named IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. See, the name is long, but they still use the word "Social".

2012. Kerio Workspace 2.0 introduced free version, file synchronization, tasks and Outlook

Kerio Technologies (primarily known for its email server) has released a major update of its intranet collaboration system Kerio Workspace 2.0. Although this product is not yet so famous as Kerio's mail server, it has all chances to become popular. Because Kerio Workspace is really simple and effective solution. And second, it now provides a free version, which is not limited in functionality and in number of users. The only limitation is disk space - up to 10 GB. This version can be downloaded and installed on your own server (Win, Mac, Linux). In addition to the free edition, Kerio Workspace 2.0 provides the all-new interface and a lot of new features.