Top 10: Endpoint Detection and Response software

Updated: August 05, 2023

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software has become an indispensable tool in the modern cybersecurity landscape. EDR solutions are designed to proactively detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats and malicious activities on endpoints such as computers, servers, and mobile devices. By continuously monitoring and analyzing endpoint activities, EDR software can identify suspicious behavior, malware, and potential breaches in real-time, enabling security teams to take swift and targeted actions to contain and remediate threats. With their ability to provide detailed visibility into endpoint activities and support automated response actions, EDR software plays a crucial role in enhancing an organization's overall cybersecurity posture and protecting critical assets from sophisticated cyber attacks. Some of the most popular (Endpoint Detection and Response) EDR software options are listed below.

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2019. VMware acquired cybersecurity platform Carbon Black

VMware, a renowned technology company, has successfully acquired Carbon Black, a publicly traded security firm specializing in safeguarding contemporary cloud-native workloads. The acquisition price amounts to approximately $2.1 billion. Carbon Black offers essential security functionalities required for protecting modern applications and infrastructures. The strategic plan involves seamlessly integrating Carbon Black's cutting-edge cloud-native endpoint protection platform across all of VMware's control points. This remarkable initiative fulfills the long-standing expectations of the IT and security sectors, representing a significant milestone.