DevOps software

Updated: February 08, 2020

2020. DevOps startup Datree raises $8M

Datree, the early-stage startup building a DevOps policy engine on GitHub, announced an $8 million Series A. The company learned that while scanning code for issues was something DevOps teams found useful, they wanted help defining the rules. So Datree has created a series of rules packages you can run against the code to find any gaps or issues. It builds these rules packages based on the company’s own expertise, as well as getting help from the community, and in some cases partnering with experts. For its Docker security package, it teamed up with Aqua Security.

2016. Microsoft expands its support for Docker containers

Microsoft announced that it is great expanding its support for Docker containers by more deeply integrating it into a number of its enterprise and DevOps tools. Microsoft’s interest in Docker is no secret. It’s even building Docker support right into the next release of Windows Server, after all (even as it’s also building its own Hyper-V container solutions). The company even showed how the upcoming Linux version of SQL Server can run in containers on Ubuntu. As far as these new integrations go, Microsoft today announced that Docker Datacenter, Docker’s subscription-based commercial platform, is now available in the Azure marketplace, so anybody who wants to get a supported version of Docker up and running on Azure can now do so pretty quickly.

2015. Mashape launches API Analytics Platform

API marketplace Mashape launched its analytics service for APIs. Over the years, the company built out its own analytics service to monitor the over 13,000 APIs the company serves. Now, it’s spinning this service out to allow developers and devops teams to understand their own APIs’ performance better — even if the API isn’t hosted by Mashape. Using Mashape Analytics, developers will be able to figure out which APIs and endpoints are used most often (both by internal and external clients) and how well they perform. It’s essentially Google Analytics for APIs, as Marietti calls it. API performance data will stream into the service in real time, but if things go wrong, users will also be able to call up an instant replay of individual API calls to debug issues.

2014. Rackspace guarantees 99.99% uptime of private cloud

Rackspace is so confident with the new release of its private cloud software on its cloud computing open source OpenStack creation, that it's guaranteeing success for enterprise workload production. Rackspace debuted its private cloud in the summer of 2013, and now beefed up its offering with a 99.99 percent OpenStack API uptime guarantee, increased scalability to hundreds of nodes and DevOps automation services for application lifecycle management. Recently Rackspace can't compete with Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure that can afford to provide much lower pricing, so Rackspace tries to use momentum through its private cloud.