Top 10: Data Orchestration platforms

Updated: May 26, 2023

Some of the most popular Data Orchestration platforms are listed below.

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2023. Elementl raises $33M for its data orchestration platform

Elementl, a startup that is developing a data platform centered around the widely-used Dagster orchestrator, has secured $33 million in funding. Instead of task-oriented thinking, Elementl and Dagster prioritize data assets, considering them as the fundamental element. This approach challenges established tools such as Apache Airflow, as Dagster aims to cater effectively to large organizations while maintaining its status as a legitimate open source project. Following the common strategy of open source startups, Elementl is enhancing the open source project by incorporating enterprise features like single sign-on, role-based access, and team support to expand its commercial offerings. Moreover, recognizing Airflow's popularity, the team recently launched a tool enabling existing Airflow users to execute data pipelines written for Airflow on the Dagster platform.

2015. Hitachi buys business intelligence provider Pentaho

Hitachi wants to add big data analytics capabilities to its portfolio by acquiring BI vendor Pentaho. Pentaho is best known for its big data platform that simplifies preparing and blending all types of data and includes a spectrum of tools that enable users to easily analyze, visualize, explore, report insights and predict outcomes. Though Pentaho is expected to operate as a somewhat independent entity and to continue serving its large customer base, it will also leverage Hitachi’s deep pockets and resources to accelerate our big data analytics and data orchestration capabilities, bring new innovations to market, and expand support for current and future customers.