Data observability platforms

Updated: May 27, 2022

2022. Manta, a data observability startup, raises $35M to grow its workforce

Manta, a data lineage platform that automatically scans an organization’s data sources to build a map of data flows, has raises $35M. The goal of the startup is to tackle the complexity of enterprise data environments with maps of data dependencies designed to help users avoid “major data incidents.” The developers believe that they more or less achieved this with the current iteration of the Manta platform. Leveraging AI, Manta traces sources of data — including databases, reporting and analysis software and modeling tools — to the ends of the pipelines that deliver it to apps and services. A “time slicing” feature allows users to see how data looked in the past and understand how the lineage has changed, while an impact analysis tool shows how planned changes will influence parts of the data environment.