Data lineage platforms

Updated: July 30, 2023

Data lineage platforms are essential tools that provide organizations with visibility and understanding of the end-to-end journey of their data, from its origin to its consumption and transformation across various systems. These specialized platforms enable businesses to track and document data flow, transformations, and dependencies, ensuring data accuracy, quality, and compliance. Data lineage platforms offer comprehensive insights into how data is processed, giving data stakeholders confidence in the reliability and integrity of the information they use for decision-making. With detailed lineage information, organizations can troubleshoot data issues more efficiently, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure data governance and data lineage documentation. By providing a complete and transparent view of data movement, data lineage platforms empower businesses to improve data management, enhance data trustworthiness, and maximize the value of their data assets.

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2022. Manta, a data observability startup, raises $35M to grow its workforce

Manta, a data lineage platform, has recently secured $35 million in funding. The platform offers automated scanning of an organization's data sources to create comprehensive maps of data flows. Manta aims to address the complexities of enterprise data environments and assist users in preventing significant data incidents. The current iteration of the Manta platform utilizes AI technology to trace the origins of data, including databases, reporting tools, analysis software, and modeling tools, and tracks its journey through various pipelines to applications and services. Additionally, the platform features a "time slicing" capability that enables users to view historical data snapshots and observe changes in data lineage over time. Furthermore, Manta provides an impact analysis tool to assess how planned changes may impact different aspects of the data environment.