Top 10: Cyber Risk Management software

Updated: August 05, 2023

Cyber Risk Management software has become a critical asset for organizations seeking to comprehensively assess, mitigate, and monitor their cybersecurity risks. These platforms provide a systematic approach to identify and prioritize potential threats and vulnerabilities across an organization's digital landscape. Through risk assessments, data analysis, and threat modeling, Cyber Risk Management software quantifies the impact of various cyber risks on the organization's assets and operations. This information allows security teams and decision-makers to allocate resources more effectively and implement targeted security measures. Additionally, these platforms facilitate compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements by helping organizations maintain a continuous and well-documented risk management process. With the ability to provide real-time risk insights, Cyber Risk Management software empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and proactively address potential cyber threats before they escalate into significant incidents. Some of the most popular Cyber Risk Management software options are listed below.

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2021. Attack surface management startup CyCognito raises $100M

CyCognito, a startup dedicated to mitigating cyber attacks, has successfully secured $100 million in Series C funding. While operating as an attack surface management company, CyCognito distinguishes itself from others in its field through its comprehensive approach. By employing machine learning-based attack surface management, it thoroughly assesses a company's range of assets, identifying potential security gaps. Notably, CyCognito is the pioneering company capable of automating security testing on a massive scale, encompassing millions of assets.

2021. Vulcan Cyber raises $21M for its vulnerability remediation platform

Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity startup Vulcan Cyber has successfully raised $21 million in Series B funding. This new investment will be utilized to introduce innovative remediation solutions and launch the Vulcan Free platform, a risk-based vulnerability management platform available at no cost. Vulcan Cyber has consistently prioritized assisting businesses in identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities by offering a comprehensive approach. Their focus goes beyond simply alerting customers to potential risks, as they also provide guidance on prioritizing vulnerabilities based on their severity and the threat they pose to a company's assets. Security teams often face an overwhelming number of alerts, and not every vulnerability identified by scanners is equally critical. Vulcan Cyber's platform aims to alleviate this challenge by enabling teams to efficiently allocate their resources and concentrate on areas of highest importance.

2021. CybSafe raises $7.9M for its ‘behavioral’ cybersecurity platform

CybSafe, a cybersecurity startup specializing in a "behavioral security" platform, has secured $7.9 million in a Series A funding round. CybSafe operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a subscription licensing structure based on the number of users. By leveraging behavioral science and data analytics, CybSafe's platform addresses security risks associated with human behavior by providing personalized cyber support to users. With an existing client base of 350 organizations across 15 countries, including renowned names like Credit Suisse, Air Canada, HSBC, and NHS Trusts, CybSafe has demonstrated its global reach and market traction.